Skorne: Gold First Revisited…

December is half gone. I have not done any hobby stuff to speak of.

C360_2014-11-22-12-44-30-959I did Zaadesh in late November so I had a model for Paint the Target on Lost Hemisphere. I made sure I took a bunch of photos of him.

Right after Turkey Day, I went to Maine and helped my sister with Mom’s house. It took over a week to clean things up, sell her car and such. I brought some stuff home. Nice to have things that are from my parents.

I have used Gold first for painting my Skorne for years. Some of the PP guides do that and some don’t. I won’t be giving you the paints and such that I used, they are in the Forces of Skorne book. The book tells you to paint the red first. All I did was reverse that part.

Most of the photos are Zaadesh without his left hip armor, sword and sashimono. I painted the body C360_2014-11-22-13-22-03-611and legs first. I wanted to get the details on that before I glued those parts in place.

The first photo is just a base coat of Rhulic Gold. Simple and straight forward.

The second and third photos are the dark and darker shading to get the recesses and shadows in the gold.

I have enough time to paint during the week. For some reason, last week I didn’t. Life at home with a very angry Alzheimer’s patient isn’t easy. One days she was the nice happy friendly lady. The next day she was so angry, screaming for hours angry. I expected her head to spin around like some movie monster.

My wife is very stressed out. No surprise there. She does everything for Peggy. She can’t cook or clean C360_2014-11-22-14-13-00-948anymore. Unsteady on her feet even with a walker. Nothing we do is right and the verbal attacks are very nasty. Peace and quiet, a moment to think, even having a conversation or phone call get to be impossible. Sleepless nights compound a lot of this.

Changes in medicines seems to have helped a little, but Peggy is still very passive aggressive.

Nothing is good enough. Barb will ask Peggy if she needs anything. No she doesn’t. Barb sits down for few minutes. Well, only one, Peggy wants something.

After the shading is done, a light dry brush of Solid gold to bring out the edges. This doesn’t take very long. Don’t put on to much.

C360_2014-11-22-14-48-17-440I have been told repeatedly to get a job and comments about my weight.  I won’t quote the comments here.

Our little dog is normally playful and loving. She has started hiding during these outburst. Under a big chair or in a closet, where she can’t be seen. She even comes into my room and gets on the couch near my desk. I guess she feels safer there.

Peggy has lived here 672 days. The first year was easy. Things change very slowly at first. In the last couple of months, things have been changing quickly.

What she will eat has lost variety. Her teeth are in pretty good shape, but she want everything to be very soft. Scrambled eggs, pancakes, french toast and not main courses. Is this her way of having some control?

The next step is to do the cloth. Coal Black is my C360_2014-11-22-16-50-00-159base. This photo is the first coat, some of the gold shows a little. This is where you have to put down a good edge between the cloth and armor.

Stress levels never seem to go down.  I know a lot of people are thinking the work nursing home. Promises made between a daughter and her mother are powerful things. Barb worked in a nursing home many years ago and has a very low opinion of them too.

So, we will continue to keep Peggy as comfortable as we can. We will take care of her and keep her safe too.

It was pretty eye opening the last time she saw a doctor. The doctor asked “Do they treat you well at home?” I’m sure some people take advantage of the elderly.  They have to ask. Peggy said “They are C360_2014-11-22-17-05-48-091mean to me!” That was worth a cold chill. “They don’t let me call my mother and father on the phone!” The doctor realized that with that simple statement that Peggy isn’t connected to the present very well.

Next I took Coal Black and Menoth White Highlights and added some shading to the cloth.

While I was don’t all these steps I was doing these steps on the other parts.

Painting motivation has been really hard this month. I have actually sat down and put paint on a model for less than two hours. I didn’t take a day to to go to the LGS either.

Once that was done, I took Skorne Red and thinned it out a little and filled in the small areas in the C360_2014-11-26-10-22-43-948armor. Try not to cover the gold edges. Have a clean brush available to wick paint off if you get to much red in one spot. This photo makes it hard to see the gold, the red liquid had not dried yet.

Next I glued on the left hip armor.

My biggest job right now is keeping my wife going. She has good days and bad, just like all of us. Peggy is very good at pushing Barb’s buttons. Guilt trips are hard to get past.

My being home give Barb a break. I stay home as much as possible so she can get a break. Going to the store is a break for her. A couple of hours of shopping is like a vacation.

This is the first Skorne Model I have painting in almost two years. That is to long. So much to do. My first faction has moved up the list of things to do. Yes, it is pretty standard for Skorne. I like standard Skorne.Zaadesh10


I will be back working on Gray Muffin very soon. I want to finish that for TempleCon. After that, who knows.

One day at a time…..

Till next time,

Just do it.






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