TempleCon NE Privateers stuff

It is about two month to TempleCon 2015.  So much to do and Pad Thai too!!

We plan to have a NE Privateer a table again. Did you even notice that we had one at TempleCon 2014?

Admin booth 2014

Frightening isn’t it!!!

I bet you saw the Lost Hemisphere/NE Privateers Charity Raffle.

Last year you donated $4,246.80 to Colon Cancer Research. Thank you very much.

That was the NE Privateers table.

The 2015 Charity Raffle (link to Lost Hemisphere) is well underway. We are donating 100% to the Hope Alzheimer’s Center this year. So plan on stopping in the Ballroom and looking at the prize support. It only takes one ticket for you to be a lucky winner. Each ticket drawn will get to pick from the prizes that are left. It isn’t to late to donate PSX_20141211_143733something for prize supports. Almost anything that is new and in it’s original packaging or painted models. It doesn’t have to be Privateer Press stuff either….

We are also supporting Lost Hemisphere’s Earl’s Brain Trust by selling pins for them. 100% of the pin sales go to this project.

We are also raising money so we can make TempleCon Warmachine/Hordes events even better for TempleCon 2016.

Renting a truck to haul the terrain. Printing all the paperwork needed for the tournaments. New terrain and repairs of the stuff we have. Buy new chess clocks (the old mechanical ones have taken a beating).


We (NE Privateers) cannot afford to pay for this out our own pockets anymore. We have always sold Midnight Madness T-Shirts. Sadly, that hasn’t paid the bills since 2011.

Last year, we started selling other stuff. The big ones are TempleCon dice. Well, we sell one color and the rest you can get in Iron Arena. The exclusive color is designed to match the TempleCon theme.

???????We also did a Challenge Coin. Sometimes referred to as an RMO (round metal object).

tc2015shirtOf course we will have another MM T-Shirt. We can’t show you the art yet. The mother-ship is keeping this one under wraps for just a little but longer. I can’t even confirm the actual shirt color!!!!

We are doing all of them again in 2015.

If you want to pre-order to ensure you get some swag, you can do  that at our store!!!!

We are very glad that Games & Gears is giving us a second chance to sell stuff.

Combo G&G

Just some of the items we will have.

We also have plans to have a some other interesting little bobbles for you to pickup, but those will have to wait for another time….

It is fun to have secrets!

Till next time

Just do it!!!


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