How long can you put something off

I think it has been since the Summer of 2012.

My cousin came to visit and wanted me to paint a model for her. A trip to the LGS seemed in order. After looking for a Knight for a while, I moved from the high priced brand to something more familiar.

I started looking and Major Katherine Laddermore was right on top of the stack. It seemed perfect. She wanted her to look like the box art too. Of course I got the polite, “no hurry, whenever you can get to her”! Little did I know.

IMG_20140315_1219517242012 was a ton of commissions and other things that kept me busy.

2013 was a year of work and loss. Painting took a back seat to events.

In early 2014, right after TempleCon I pulled her out and I got things rolling on Kat. I was using her to try some blending. IMG_20140315_121917152Making good progress and I was pretty happy with her.

I figured one more day of touchups and highlights.

I came home from work and found out that trouble had come to visit.

What I mean is a nine month old puppy will chew on almost anything. Yes, by now C360_2014-11-18-13-11-03-436you have guess that I left the model on a table that was low enough for Muffin to get. She had a party. The Cavalry model had one back leg broken off and some chewing on the tail. The rider came off the saddle too. The dismount had the lance chewed off. I ordered the parts. C360_2014-11-18-13-11-30-824Then I got on a roll painting stuff for Ashlynn.

I finally got off my bucket of guilt. I have been worried that I wouldn’t be able to fix the horse. That leg isn’t very big and It will need a big pin to hold all the weight of that model. This week C360_2014-11-18-13-34-09-607I matched a big drill bit with the largest pinning brass I had. One shot at getting that leg. I drilled into the base/hoof first. That hoof is attached to the metal tab and is very solid. I wanted to get at lest a quarter of an inch and that seemed to go well. I made a mark to center C360_2014-11-18-13-33-41-495the drill bit and carefully got almost a half inch. The holes didn’t line up, but bending the brass gave the horse a very strong repair.

The dismount was pretty easy. Remove the broken lance. Clean up the glue on the arms. Drill two holes in the new lance. Bend the right arm a little so the two holes line up with the pins on the arms.

No, I have not painted it yet, but for me, the repairs are the hard part. Next thing is to prime, then paint. Maybe some time tomorrow. Maybe the weekend.

This time, straight to the post office so Trouble doesn’t get her teeth into her…

Till next time,

Just do it….

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