Project Gray Muffin: Update #2 – Do not go gentle into that good night

Some people try to come up with ideas and make suggestions….

Some people just do it!!!

This started when I remembered that a painting article in a No Quarter magazine. Of course I couldn’t remember which one. I went to the NQ article index in the PP forums. That lists the title of the article, but painting is sometime embedded in other articles.

I spent an afternoon going page by page and making a word doc of them. Some of the articles are whole models, but there are many parts. Once article might have skin, hair, cloth, armor, leather, glow and more. So I listed the whole thing under models and took each part under different titles. The next day, I took every Mk2 book and added them to the list.

That looked pretty good so I make a topic on the PP painting forums.

No good deed goes unpunished!

I thought about that index and started digging in the “Ask  the Studio” topic. There are tons of info in there, but searching isn’t always successful. So I have started adding those posts. Right now I have done 10 pages out of 17. I will keep plugging along until I am up to date. With any luck I can add the new NQ this week too..

Unit 2 (2)On Saturday I was working on the hair on the Daughter. I wanted to do different hair colors. So I went to that index, pulled out the NQs, made some notes and got it done. Black, Brunette, Red Head and Blonde. I also did each unit in a different skin tone. Midland, Khador, Beast Hide and Idrian. Beast Hide is actually a very good flesh tone for humans too. So with 3 Daughters with hair in each unit, all 4 units have a different combination of hair color.

Unit 2I did these unit by following formula for everything except the gray. That was just Iron Hull Gray and Morrow White with a strong black wash in the middle. The cloth, steel and gold are all from the Force of Menoth.

Unit 1rI not only did the Daughters,  the choir had to join it to. I made a mistake of carrying to much while going into the Whiz. I lost my balance and dropped the daughters. I spentseveral hours reattaching arms and repainting the damage. I was pretty angry with myself. For some reason, I pulled out the Choir and started to paint them. Guess I wanted to see some progress rather than redoing something I screwed up.

Unit 1aThe general order was to base coat everything, shade the cloth, armor, skin, gold, steel. It would have been better to do the skin (faces first). Lesson learned.

Choir FThe choir has the Sanguine on the under robes. The tabard is gray. some gold. The Menofix is white. Gems on the leader are white. The sash is a lighter Sangine.

Choir RWhile taking pictures, I realized that Gray Muffin has all the 30mm models painted. Just Jacks and Cavalry left.

Unit 3I look back over the last ten plus years. I had a couple of jobs I was very good at and really liked. I lost them both. One because sales and economy tanked (2001/2002). The other because a union had the jobs. Such is life. After that, I was in a job I could do, but I was in a company where I didn’t fit. For over six years I was square peg in a round hole. The mental beating and never being able to get anywhere was a slow ride down. Spinning my wheels and getting nowhere. Self esteem and confidence slowly eroded. Then that job went away too. The last two just reinforce those feelings. Losing that last one was a relief. I now feel like retirement was better for me than working a crap job.

The whole thingRetirement didn’t last to long.  Less than three weeks. I was approached and have started selling Games and Gears brushes in the US/Canada. What does this mean. It is something more positive than I every dreamed I could be. Something I can be proud of and see my work make something grow. It means I don’t have as much painting time. I have more to do. I was already a GnG brush fan and I use them almost exclusively. I don’t use nice brushes to smear glue and resin paste for basing and things like that. Those exceptions are understandable.

Because I am selling paint brushes, I was force to hang up my black Pressgang shirt for a while. I guess this is competition for the sale of PP brushes, shrug. It doesn’t stop my from doing anything. TempleCon, Pax East, CaptainCon and other events are still on my calender.

Black Widows

I stay home and help Peggy more than I used to. This helps the wife out and makes life a little bit easier. That is a very tiny improvement in her life. Maybe a little less worries too.

Enough for now

Till next time..

Just Do IT!!!!


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