Project Trick or Treat – So it starts..

Once and a while I have to do something different. Maybe this is a way to get away from 24 Daughter of the flame for a few hours. I frequently work at Conventions and see new games, new miniatures.

I have been curious about Relic Knights for a while. Looking at a new game is a big choice. How much money will I spend on this? How much will I spend this year if I like it? Well, the Battle Box is pretty reasonable. You get the small rule book, cards to play, cards for the models, tokens and the models all for about $50.


I decided to spend a little money.

So I got Doctrine. Not really sure why. Maybe it was the girl and the wolf. Little Red Riding Hood look alike with cartoon cute models. Shrug, they look like they would be fun to paint.


Time for introductions.

Top left is a Minion call Librarian. Big guy with huge muscles and a little tiny head. The head is on that sprew just below his foot. Just to his right is part that looks like a bow. It is what holds his pants up. All the parts are keyed so you can’t really screw them up during assembling.

Lower left is Delphyne, she is a questing knight. On the bottom of that sprew are her arms. Everything glues together pretty easily. The mold mark are pretty small. Most of them can be removed with a small file or dragging the blade of a hobby knife other them.

The three in the middle are Novitiates. A Minion Squad. The girls have the legs and bodies as different parts. Arm are separate too. The guy has a separate book. They have a stick with ball in a cup on the end. That should be fun to paint.

The last thing is the Big Bad Wolf. His real name is Ekhis. I am pretty sure he works with Delphyne. He has four parts. Body and four legs. Be careful cleaning the sprew left overs from the parts. The shoulder jagged edge would be easy to trim off parts you don’t want to.

I didn’t glue them onto the purple bases. I am not sure how I am going to base them.


Red and Big Bad are just plain cute. She has big eye and pig tails.  Big Bad has a bow in his hair and pig tails with ribbons. His only other details are band-aids on is shoulders and cloth tied around his arms.


The girls are a little bit of cute with their skirts in the air. Nice action positions, probably wouldn’t be hard to make a second squad a little bit different.


The Librarian doesn’t have his head glued in. I don’t think I could paint it with it glued in. So he will be painted in two parts. He has gems or glowy things all over him. Nice to paint for contrast. Make him look a little different, stand out.

I am not sure when they will get painted. Probably the next time I need a break from something else.

I have to be honest, I know Nix! Zip! Diddly! Bupkis! Niente! about this game. NOTHING!!! Bonus points if recognize that!!

I hope to show up somewhere with painted models and look lost and helpless and get a demo…

I did finish the Sanguine shading on ALL of the Daughter today. Think about that and you might realize why I pulled these out of the box.

I also pulled out the Flame Bringers. I have the horse assembled, base and primed. I looked over the riders and put them back. I didn’t feel like trying to figure out how the assemble those five riders and pin the #$*@# of them.

There is a lot going on in my non gaming/hobby life right now. Changes are not always bad, but changes are always stressful. The next week or two are going to a little crazy. I hope to update you on things once they settle out a bit.

Till next time,

Just do it….

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