He wants a WHAT?

I had a request to paint a big Gator. Snapjaw seemed to fit what he wanted. I showed him the one I painted years ago.

C360_2014-10-31-10-40-19-490I started with the base. Two products, Squadron Green Putty and Renaissance Ink Flocking Gel.  Two lumps of Sq Green. This stuff has been around forever. This tube is over three years old. Keep the cap clean and it last, almost forever. Smushed them around with my fingers. I made two dirt mounds where his feet will be.

I let this stuff dry for about a half an hour. A little paint. Trying to make the it look like swampy water going moving between the dirt mounds.

Step three, Renaissance Ink. All it takes is a little bit of water and a toothpick.C360_2014-10-31-12-01-20-373 Mix a little water with some X-Fine. This stuff dries transparent. It give a really nice shine and looks like water. The Gel looks like milk when you put it on. It takes several house to dry. That is why I made the base ahead of time.


One of great things about this Gel is the way it takes paint. It is Acrylic and if you thin paint it will soak into the gel even when it is dry. I have made some bases that have multiple layers and with a little bit of paint in each layer, you can show some depth in water. There are three other Gels, Fine, Medium and Coarse. Think of them as sand, gravel and rocks. These three are not transparent.

PSX_20141029_152556The gator was fun to do, I used almost every green in the P3 line. Iosian green for the spines, these got lightened with Wurm green and Sulfuric Yellow. The body started with Thornwood Green, got some stripes with Moldy Ocher and Ordic Olive. Followed that with washes mute the different layers.

Today, I have a head cold. Sniffle sniffle. I don’t feel bad, just took a cold pill.

I may get to go to the LGS today too.

His mouth started with MWB and Carnal Pin, then I lighted it up with MWH. His teeth are Morrow White.

I put the gator on the base and put it in the glass case. Yesterday, I found out he wanted something added to the model.

“Can you give him a GUN!!!!”

Sounds a little crazy, but he wants the gator for a 40k space marine general. I don’t really understand, but here goes. I have no information or knowledge of what kind of gun. I dig in the bits bucket of 40k/WHFB parts.

C360_2014-11-03-10-44-42-444I pulled out a bunch of stuff. I know one is a flamers, it says Inferno. Sq Green putty to fill the holes. Test fit, try the left hand, try to the right hand, back to the left. Cut, pin, glue, black prime, drybrush. Cut this hoses off and make them fit over there. Add a little bit of color to parts of this crazy thing.


I don’t know what to call it. I quit 40k almost 10 years ago. I don’t remember anything like this a Gator with a gun. I do remember that it is all about BIG F’n GUNS.

So, I glued this crazy Cluge Gun to the gator and to my surprise it actually looks pretty good. Well, as good a gator with a gun can look.

I have to put some grass on the base, touch up around the hand a little. Then put a semi gloss clear coat on him. Make him a little bit of shine.





I’m still looking at what I did to Snapjaw and shaking my head. Kind of funny, don’t you think?

Back to working on four units of Daughters of the Flame. If I don’t I think they will stab my eyes out when I am not looking….

Till next time,

just do it…


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1 Response to He wants a WHAT?

  1. Chris Walsh says:

    I forgot to tell you, he’s going to lead a Space Wolf army so he has to get a wolf pelt on him somewhere…

    j/k, he looks great!

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