Project Ambidextrous Toucan: Update 12- A lot of Purple

Days go by. I watch the dog, run some errands, help with Peggy or go to Whiz and paint. Everything changes and I can’t plan anything.

I got the basing done of the Precursor Knights.

Ashlynn theme list

One thing is obvious looking at this project chart. There isn’t much left to do. Right now it is a Tier 3 with every option available. The last eight model are being painted by someone else. So I have done everything I can.

I had never done a really shinny steel unit or one with so much white.

As is my habit, I pulled out some recipes from NQ and PP books. The steel in from FoW CoC. The blue is from NQ Special X. White and Gold are from FoW Cygnar. I don’t follow them exactly, but I get a good basic idea.

PSX_20141020_233657I did some gold on the mace to give it some contrast. The blue line was just to add some color, some of the models would have been all white. The gold on the helmet just looked better to me. I didn’t like the studio steel shield. I painted 5 test shields and picked two. Posted them on facebook and bugged some friends for opinions.

In the end, the unit is predominantly white, so the right hand shield won.

Precursor Knights


Some individual shots

C360_2014-10-29-13-44-18-171The shading on the cloth is Trollblood highlights and MWH.

I normally try to use a lot of different metals, but on this armor, I only did the chain-mail a little bit darker.


C360_2014-10-29-13-44-53-927The officer isn’t really that different. Huge shoulder pad. The book is like the unit leader’s. A lot of cloth streamers and a crest on the helmet.


The unit leader has a prayer book and chains, a little filigree on the armor. This picture show that I did a ring of gold around every spike.


C360_2014-10-29-13-46-13-928 Here is the back of one of the grunts. Nothing fancy. The cloth shadows are painted in. The MWH to Trollblood Highlight is such a perfect match .



I wasn’t consistent on the cloth shading. It was learning as I went along, but on the table, they look alright.


I think that is enough shots of those, don’t you?

I have pulled out Snapjaw to do next. He is a fast commission. I don’t have any notes on how I did the first one. So, I guess I will wing it.

After that, I have a LONG overdue gift to finish. Then, I don’t know.

I will get Viva la Resistance on a table with some good light and take some pictures. I promise…

Till next time,

Just do it…










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