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How long can you put something off

I think it has been since the Summer of 2012. My cousin came to visit and wanted me to paint a model for her. A trip to the LGS seemed in order. After looking for a Knight for a while, … Continue reading

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Project Gray Muffin: Update #2 – Do not go gentle into that good night

Some people try to come up with ideas and make suggestions…. Some people just do it!!! This started when I remembered that a painting article in a No Quarter magazine. Of course I couldn’t remember which one. I went to the … Continue reading

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Project Rolling: Update #10 – How to build a Rhino!!

It has been years since I painted any Skorne. No particular reason. I got a Mammoth a while ago and I have been slowly cleaning up the glue globs and mold marks to get that back  in shape. At GenCon … Continue reading

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Project Trick or Treat – So it starts..

Once and a while I have to do something different. Maybe this is a way to get away from 24 Daughter of the flame for a few hours. I frequently work at Conventions and see new games, new miniatures. I … Continue reading

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Project Ambidextrous Toucan: Update 13 Wrapping it up…

Here is the whole thing! I have moved on to working on Gray Muffin. Not a huge shock. I knocked of that Gator in the last week too.. Ashlynn and her Battle Group. Two ARM 19 jacks with shield guard … Continue reading

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He wants a WHAT?

I had a request to paint a big Gator. Snapjaw seemed to fit what he wanted. I showed him the one I painted years ago. I started with the base. Two products, Squadron Green Putty and Renaissance Ink Flocking Gel. … Continue reading

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Project Ambidextrous Toucan: Update 12- A lot of Purple

Days go by. I watch the dog, run some errands, help with Peggy or go to Whiz and paint. Everything changes and I can’t plan anything. I got the basing done of the Precursor Knights. One thing is obvious looking … Continue reading

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