Project Ambidextrous Toucan: Update 11 Winter is Coming!

It has been over a month. My apology….

The Jacks took a little longer than I thought.

Over the last month I have increased my painting time a little. Mostly painting at home.

TalonThe Talon was the first to get painted. Not a ton of parts, but I didn’t have a good mental picture of how I wanted him to look. Ok…  I just pulled out Pig Iron and did the steel, followed with a thin Armor Wash. Then I just pulled out a random pot of paint. Ironhull Grey is most of the torso one leg and the other arm. Skorne Red is one shoulder and one leg. Ordic Olive is part of one leg, head and the other arm. The shield got some Coal Black. Some Brass Balls and some Heartfire for the stacks and eyes. Done…
I really like this concept. Mercenaries can’t afford fancy paint jobs.

I have been working long crazy hours, nights, every weekend. Try doing a Friday, Saturday and Sunday and having over 40 hours in those three days. Then working two or three more days. My wife and a lot of people have expressed concerns about this.
Two weeks ago, I sat down and put it all on paper. How much I was making a month by working vs how much I would make a month from Social Security. The difference was less than $200 a month. So, I was busting my ass for less than $50 a week.

Yes, you guessed it, I was a dumby!!!  I signed up for Social Security and I am not working that job anymore.

I can hear your thoughts…. “Wow, retired, all that free time!!!” Well, my wife still has her mother to deal with. Alzheimer’s never stops and never gets better. I can now help more. Give my wife a chance to get out of the house more. So, I am spending quite a bit of time with that.

Next was the Merc Jack Kit.

Once again, I didn’t have a plan. I pulled out Traitor Green, Khador Red Highlight, Irdrian Flesh, Sanguine Base, Trollblood Base and Jack Bone. Mix that in with my normal metals and this is what I have. What I have is three ugly jacks. I can honestly say that Idrian Flesh is fast becoming my favorite brown in the P3 range.


And of course I have to show you all three. Mercenaries can’t always afford fancy paint jobs!  😉


The Nomad can be used with Sam & the Devil Dogs or Rutger Shaw. I like the metal Nomad’s Buckler better. It is on the hand not the wrist.


The Rover can work with the same two or with Amethyst Rose (they have to have a ranged attack)!!!

C360_2014-10-27-15-31-18-403The Mule fills the same slot as the Rover. It is intended to go with the second unit of Amethyst Rose. I did attach the cargo boxes on the back of the model. This seems very odd to me. Wooden crates on a metal machine powered by a steam boiler. The boiler is probably over 500 degrees and …. well, you get the point. Why do you think Jack Mechaniks use think leather gloves..

Next was the metal Mule. I have a soft spot for this model. It is one of the first Wm/Hd models I every purchased. I wanted it to look really good. It needed a paint job to match the unit. So black and purple with a little bit of ochre…. I took the time to paint the cuffs on the jack cannon and left arm to match the ones on the Amethyst Rose unit.


The Metal Mule weighs a ton. The cannon arm needed a pin for support, it broke between the shoulder and the cannon. The boiler is a not straight, the mace is a little bent, but I like him.

I finished these guys a couple of weeks ago. I put them in the glass case at the LGS. I forgot to get photos. Then I took some and they came out like crap. I have the focus set for infinity.

About ten days ago,  I started working on the Precursor Knights. They are almost done. You have to wait for the bases to get done before I will take pictures to post here.

I have been doing other things too. I pulled out some models.


And I added their arms and primed them.


Putting the arms on FOUR units of Daughters of the Flame is a lot of work! My fingers hurt after that day…

So where am I on this project?Ashlynn theme list

Yes, this one is almost done. I am at Tier 3 right now. The yellow boxes are beyond my control, so Tier 4 will happen some day. Until then, I will have to add in Sam, the PKnight or maybe a bunch of solos….

I am hanging in there. I am not telling you everything. This is supposed to be an easy time of life and right now it is just to fuck hard to believe….

Just know that painting is my relaxation. I don’t have as much time for painting as you might think. When I can, I….

Just do it!!!!

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