Project Ambidextrous Toucan: Update 10 – Jack Time

Honestly, there isn’t much left besides jacks….

The weekend didn’t give me much time to work on hobby stuff. I had a sixteen hour days on Friday. Saturday -> Tuesday didn’t give me a chance to catch up. Wednesday gave me some extra sleep and a chance to play with my toys.

C360_2014-09-24-14-54-21-793First, I have a Plastic Jack Kit, but I am missing a left hand. I rummaged around in my big box of parts. I have traded for extra jack kit parts from time to time and I found a plastic left arm for an Ironclad. It took about a half an hour to cut and shape an empty hand. Then I just glued it into the left arm. No need to magnetize it.

Next I figured out what size drill I need to make the holes for the weapons/right wrist, shields/left wrist and heads/torso magnets. I have a problem. The pin vice doesn’t fit that drill bit. So, I pull out two smaller ones. First I drill a pilot home that is centered. It is eaiser (for me) to get it right the first time with a small drill. Then I use the largest one that will fit into pin vice to enlarge the hole. Last I take the final drill and enlarge the home so it fits the magnet.

C360_2014-09-24-15-31-22-145This is tedious. You have to be careful not to go to deep. If you do, the magnets won’t make contact and that part will fall off all the time.

Here is the left arm (with the hand, doesn’t it look good) and the magnet is flush. The shield magnet is flush too.

If you are keeping score, that eleven magnets.

I still need to magnetize the left arms so I can swap the Steam Cannon for the shield arms. I don’t have a drill bit that will make that size hole, but I am meeting someone at the LGS tomorrow who has what I need.

Now that the drill and gluing are (almost) done. I brush primed everything and got the basecoat of metal on two Mules and a Talon. I started with Pig Iron plus some Thamar Black.



I will do some more tonight, maybe a black wash. Shrug.

The plan is for the metal mule to be Black/Purple, like the Amethyst Rose stuff. The plastic one will be more like the Nomad. Not all the armor panels will match. The Talon will also be like the Nomad.

No significant changes at home.

Till next time,

Just do it…

Ashlynn theme list

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