Project Ambidextrous Toucan: Update 9 – Looking Ahead!!

I didn’t get to finish the Amethyst Rose stuff last week, but I got some time and got them done this week.

Amethyst Rose 02

I didn’t get any work done on the Jacks.

Amethyst Rose 03

Amthyst Rose Solo 01Last Wednesday, I got a second coat on the purple, base-coated the sword and guns. Then I light’nd up the pants. There wasn’t much definition. Bastion Grey and some Morrow White did the trick. Makes the pants just a little bit different.

Then I pulled out the Gun Mage Captain Adept. I free handed the purple stripe on the cloak and such. When I did the shading on the Black/Grey I also did some on the unit too. That solo is done.

Amthyst Rose Solo 02Thursday it was all ahead full on the unit. First was Beaten Purple/Morrow White. I figured it I go purple on the black it would be easy to fix. It was. Then the Black/Grey shading. Thamar Black, Ironhull Grey and Morrow White.

The cuffs get Moldy Ocher. A lot of little lines. Same color on one spot on the hat too.

I had enough time to work on the swords/guns.

Still some weapon shading to do. The sword scabbards need more work. The leather and flesh are the last things.

Amethyst Rose 05

Little details mater.

Amethyst Rose 04

I had a late day on Monday and I got some more detailing done. Right now, I think they are done. I won’t seal them until I give them one more close look.

Life at home just keep getting harder. Living with Alzheimer’s is harder than doing 72 days underwater on a submarine. Seeing someone you love go rapidly down hill is heartbreaking. Things are not going to get better and there is only one outcome. I try to help as much as I can. Some of that is just staying out of the way. Working long hours gets me out of the house and helps with the budget. The hours seem to be picking up. I was told that mid September was slow, it was. Now there are more customers, so I am getting more work.

C360_2014-09-20-10-21-17-701Looking ahead….

I have Snapjaw to paint for a single model commission. I am glad this guy isn’t in a hurry.

Project Grey Muffin was waiting for some parts, broken arms on 2nd hand models, now I have the parts. Daughters of the Flame will be happening soon. There is some sorting and assembling that will have to happen before I can paint them.

I have a gift to finish, well repair. Katherine C360_2014-09-20-10-16-42-194Laddermore was done, sitting on a table next to the couch. Muffin was 8-9 months old and got both models and chewed them up. The dismount had the weapon destroyed and the mounted was broken off at the back legs. I look at it and I get angry with myself for leaving it where she could get at it. That blue lump at the bottom of the picture used to be the end of the dismounts lance. She really had a party.

Skorne stuff. I have not painted any Skorne C360_2014-09-20-10-19-11-427in almost two years. Xerxis2 might need some work. I need to make progress on that Mammoth. I have a Turtle (battle engine) that has the tip of the twin needle gun broken off. Venator UA standard and Tyrant Commander Standards are broken. I have some chipped paint on various models to fix too.

Well, first I need to finish the resistance…

Till next time

Just do it….

Ashlynn theme list

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