Project Ambidextrous Toucan: Update 8 – Build it right, Build it once.

Once again, I am not working a 12+ hour day, so I have time to do Hobby stuff.

After my last adventure with a Jack, I figured I needs to do something easier. There are two mules in the this project. I worked on the plastic one. Might as well assemble the Metal one.

To me, a Metal Mule has so much more character than the plastic kit. I just like it more.

Assembling, basing work and priming are good to do while I am home. It is the kind of thing I can do and get interrupted. What I mean is that stopping and starting don’t ruin the work.

I had to dig out the parts from a mixture of Talon, Mangler, Mule and Renegade parts. I couldn’t find the legs and hips. Start digging in boxes, Skorne stuff, Khador stuff, Cryx stuff, Minion stuff, miscellaneous parts, NOPE…  WTF…

C360_2014-09-09-13-08-13-577I have an old wooden crate which has some half painted stuff that needs to be finished. There hiding under a random piece of paper was a large base with the legs and hips already assembled. I must have put them together at least four years ago. As I look at this, the legs are pinned to the hips, no surprise. That is Renaissance Ink Flocking stuff on the base.

My next step it to look at what needs pinning.

Mace and right arm first. The right arm has that big round flat end that goes into the shoulder cup, really good contact point. No pin there. The connection at the elbow really needs a pin.

C360_2014-09-09-13-17-49-073That mace is a big heavy piece of metal. Out on the end of a long shaft.  It weight alone makes it hard to keep in place. The contact point is a round end into a cup. If you don’t pin it, no way it’s going to stay.

I use Gorilla super glue. The blue bottle is your standard liquid, the green is gel. If I am using the liquid, I will use a piece of wire, dipped in the glue to control how much glue and where it goes. A piece of paper towel is nice to remove excess glue too.

The torso and shoulder are separate parts. Large flat oval areas make sure they fit right


and they should hold well. C360_2014-09-09-13-23-55-946The boiler also has a key at the bottom and a curved section that fits the back of the torso.  A nice fit and no need to pin that. After the glue dried, I notice that the stack was a leaning to one side, I like that, a little character.

The head always needs a pin and that is never easy. Mark the back on the head with a prick, then try to start without stabbing myself with the drill. C360_2014-09-09-13-28-56-054Success is always a good thing. I will paint the head before I glue it in.

The left arm is next. The steam cannon has a barrel and a pipe that needs to be connected (to the boiler). Like the C360_2014-09-09-14-11-24-501right arm, the connection to the shoulder is very good, so no need to pin it. The barrel might not need a pin, but I put one in just in case. I almost forgot to get a picture. C360_2014-09-09-13-50-58-795You can see the glue on the end of the pin on the cannon. Next is the pipe. I pinned both ends and drilled holes in the boiler and cannon connections. I will bend and glue the cannon after the arm is attached.

The right shoulder has two spikes. The C360_2014-09-09-14-03-18-411shoulders have a dimple and the spikes fit on it pretty well, I just glued them.

C360_2014-09-09-14-15-03-172There is one more piece, cargo… I think it attaches to the bottom of the boiler. In a practical sense, sure have the jack carry stuff, the that boiler would be hot enough to set any cargo on fire. I’m unsure about attaching it. I can figure that out later.

C360_2014-09-09-14-22-31-086I also put a pin the hips -> torso connection. That connection holds a lot of weight too.

Just a little over an hour of work. It feels good to make progress.

That Nomad looks lonely sitting on my desk.

Plans for painting him. Mostly black with some Purple trim and just a little bit of yellow. He will be painted to work with the Amethyst Rose unit.

Tomorrow, I hope to prime plastic and metal. Wednesday and Thursday, I will have a chance to paint. I need to post something with colors in it.  I am sick of plastic and metal….


One last question. Has anyone tried this to get glue off of a model?

C360_2014-09-09-15-42-34-674Till next time,

Just do it…

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