Project Ambidextrous Toucan: Update 6 – When one model seems like a lot!

I was able to get a little painting done during the work week.  Just a couple of basecoat colors.  Thamar Black and Midland Flesh.

Kind of a slow week at work, not as many hours, not as many people travelling I guess.

Things at home are never easy.  Living with an Alzheimer’s patient is never easy and it never gets better.Amthyst Rose 012Wednesday, I decided to stay home.  I mean I didn’t go to the LGS to paint. I had a nice phone call from my sister. We are still dealing with my mothers estate after a year. I got some shading done on all either models.  A mixture of Ironhull Grey and Thamar Black. It was on the dark side.  The idea is to shade the Black in at least two steps to get to Ironhull grey. Then use Ironhull and Morrow White to make some sharp highlights…

The leather is Greatcoat Grey and that will be shaded with a touch of Morrow White too…

Cold Steel is the base for buttons, buckles, gun, Amthyst Rose 013sword and such.  There will be some Rhulic Gold/Solid Gold on the sword & gun.

I have a thin Black wash I made out black ink, Matte Medium and flow improver.  I will be using that on the steel and black cloth.

The edges of the cloth will have some Beaten Purple and shading will have some Morrow White.  A couple of places will have some Moldy Ochre on it too…  I used that combo on the Nomad.  I really like that combo of colors…

Looking at hte photos, the boots and pants still need a little work.  At least a black wash to darken and give them some definition.  Amthyst Rose 011Those two photos make the Captain look really light grey. The sun was out. So, I took some more photos when the sun was behind a tree.

These make the grey look a little bit blue. Well, I guess I am not the greatest photographer. What do you want from a smartphone.


I know it doesn’t seem like a ton of progress, but it is for me.  The idea of painting a unit that is mostly black. A lot of shading. There Amthyst Rose 010is no way to go darker when the main color is Black. The lighter shades are Ironhull Grey shaded with black. Hardly any of it is any grey straight out of the pot.  Only the narrow little shading lines are grey with a little bit of white.

I wanted to make sure it had some definition and a little color while trying to be true to what we know of the Amethyst Rose Gun Mages.

I am pretty happy with the Captain.  Next he has to get his squad into shape. Once they are done. It will be a couple of jacks and a full unit of Precursor Knights. Getting close.

He horse always runs faster when it’s headed for the barn!

Ashlynn theme list

Till next time.

Just do it…


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