Project Ambidextrous Toucan: Update 5 – I feel dirty!!!

ToucanAfter working 71 hours in six days, I have two days off.

Tired, I am….

Why am I talking like Yoda?

I had a little time yesterday and most of today to paint.  Two days off for the first time in over a  month.

Feels good, it does.

Shut up Yoda.

EvolutionI first started playing Hordes, Skorne was my first faction, just before Evolution came out. That was the first Hordes expansion. The first Caster I really played a ton was Xerxis.

So, I was around for the massive power creep we experienced in 08/09. My local Meta was very Cygnar heavy. Some weeks it seemed like half the players had swans on the table. Maybe not quite that many, but I played game after game after game against them. Game after game after game with the Black 13th on the table. They are very good in Mk2, but in Mk1, OMG!

LegendsI clearly remember getting out my newly painted unit of Cataphract Cetrati and Xerxis and getting everything set up. The swan went first, I moved up, Krea, Cetrati and Xerxis tucket in behind, shield wall, I figured I was safe.

Guessed it, you did?

The swan blasted everything and caster kill on turn two. Nothing uncommon at that time. But why spend more time setting up the game, than playing it..

Other factions had broken stuff too.  Lord Assassin MetamorphosisMorghoul come to mind.

I clearly remember the Hardcore finals at GenCon 2009. Epic Morghoul vs Epic Haley (with the Black 13th).

To this day, I don’t have any Swans.  I really like the Nemo2 theme list, but I won’t buy Swans…

So I sat down today and did this. A six model unit, a UA and a solo glued on bases and primed. I normally prime white, but these guys get black. Amethyst Rose I keep telling myself. Nope I am not doing Swans.  I really don’t like Swans. Dirty dirty….



Now I have to scan in a Swan ATGM, UA and Solo card, change the names, art and background so I have a Merc card I can use for Amethyst Rose stuff. I really don’t want to use swan cards. It is a Merc unit.

Request help, you might!

Yes Yoda, you are correct.

C360_2014-08-28-16-51-05-907I also spent time putting the final touches on Taryn di la Rovissi and Rutger Shaw.

Rutger is a two point solo who has tough and Jack Marshal.  There isn’t anything special about a POW 12 gun and P+S 12 magic sword. He has dodge and Flank (with his jack & Taryn). His drive allows a reroll for his Jack.

Taryn is a two point solo with gunfighter on her two POW 10 magic Pistols. When she is within CMD range of Rutger she gets Dodge & Tough.  Her pistols can use one of these abilities:

Black Penny – Ignores firing into melee penalty.

C360_2014-08-28-16-51-00-726Iron Rot – Warjack hit gets 1d3 corrosion damage to the hull boxes.

Shadow Fire – The model hit doesn’t block LOS this turn.

I tend to think of these two as a small unit. Story wise they are a team. Keep them safe and use them to threaten a flank or the rear. Use their guns to snipe solos maybe.

The art for these two is pretty drab. Mostly black or really dark colors. Not much to work with on either of them.

C360_2014-08-28-16-51-12-619So I started with the cloaks, Rutger’s is Exile Blue and Tatum’s is Coal Black. Then the shading was mixing in some Morrow White.

Taryn’s cloths are a mixture of Umbral Umber and Battle Field Brown, lighted and highlighted. Cold steel for the buckles. Thamar Black boots.

Rutger has Coal Black pants, legging are are Rucksack Tan. Next one down is Bootstrap leather.  His boots are Battlefield Brown.

Nothing special about the skin or hair. Well Taryn’s hair is a dark grey with some highlights.  I didn’t C360_2014-08-28-16-51-32-726want it to disappear in the dark cloak.

I also wanted to finish the Nomad. I always thought a Mercenary would want a Warjack to be in good working order. At the same time, does the paint job really mater? If repairs are made and the color of the parts is different, would that really mater? Painting more colors means more time, not a lot, but some. Also to many bright color can make a model look like crap. So I tried to put these ideas into that Nomad.

Base metals are Pig Iron and Molten Bronze. C360_2014-08-28-16-51-23-425Armor Wash got quite a bit of use. The Iron was highlighted with Cold Steel. I did all the rivets in Molten Bronze.

The largest part of the armor is Beaten Purple with Moldy Ocher for edging.  One arm is Traitor Green, the other Moldy Ocher. The legs are Ironhull Grey and the lower body is Ordic Olive.

I’m pretty happy with all three. I think I have a plan for Amethyst Rose Gun Mages.

C360_2014-08-28-16-49-11-134I almost forgot, I spent some time working on the bases for Sam and the Devil Dogs. I never posted a photo of the whole unit.


Here you go.


I am pretty happy with the progress on this project.  Two conventions took a lot of time in July & August, but I used the time I had to keep things rolling.

Ashlynn theme list


Until next time,

Just do it!!!





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  1. Soulreclaimer says:

    Very nice Craig. They look super in person.

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