Project Ambidextrous Toucan: Update 4 – Do you hate second hand Models?

Sam and the Devil Dogs are finished.  So after a little bit a Menoth I am back to the Resistance.

With GenCon on the horizon, I didn’t want to start the Precursor Knights.  I like to base coat the whole unit.  Then detail one model till I am happy with it.  Last finish the unit.  I don’t think I could finish step one on twelve models in a short afternoon.  I pulled out Rutger Shaw, Taryn di la Rovissi and a Nomad (for Shaw). I think of those two solos as a unit…

I figured I could get them all base-coated and maybe detail the Rutger and Taryn.  You may have guessed by now that it didn’t go like that.

C360_2014-08-07-12-01-26-273 The Nomad is second hand.  It was assembled when I got it.  The pose of the Nomad didn’t seem right.  I looked at it for a couple of minutes, then I pulled up a photo of a metal Nomad.

Can you see what is wrong?

Look at the arms!!!

The hands are right, but the arms are on the wrong side. The arm was glued in with a TON of glue, the glob method of assembling.  Fast and messy.  I didn’t think I could dig the arms away from the body.  I didn’t want to use acetone. It takes to long.

C360_2014-08-07-12-55-01-001So, I pulled out my trusty old X-Acto extra fine saw blade.  It took about 10 minutes to cut each arm from the body.  The sword and shield separated from the arms without any problems.  Honestly, cutting an arm off like this isn’t easy. If you take your time and follow the edge of the sleeve.

C360_2014-08-07-13-38-53-810Next I drilled and pinned the arms and hands.  Pretty straight forward.  Pin-Vice is used to drill a hole in the arm.  I glued a pin and used that to mark the spot on the body.  Then I did the same thing with the sword/shield to the arms.  I also filed the surfaces between the arms and body to get a rough surface for gluing.


If I showed you this picture of the Nomad you probably wouldn’t know I had done that work.  I like that pose better anyway…

That took over half of my afternoon.  So I started Base-coating.

Taryn has two layers of cloths, cloak & hood and some skin.  I decided to go with dark brown for the cloths.  I want her to be that dark figure I see in the Mercenary book. I also want a little bit of color. I hope the contrast between the blue cloak and brown cloths will get away from the mono-color I so often see in pictures of her. The inner layer is Battle Field Brown and the outer is Umbral Umber.  The cloak is Coal Black. Pig Iron on part of the guns and her shoulder armor.  I did an Armor Wash to start darkening the cape and shade the cloths and armor.

Rutger had armor on his chest, pants with leggings over them, neckerchief, gunbelt and sword.  I did the under side of the coat in Umbral Umber and the outside in Exile Blue. His pants are Coal Black. Sword and armor got some Pig Iron.  He got the same Armor Wash.

Ashlynn theme list

The Nomad got a layer of Pig Iron and Armor Wash too.

Not huge progress, but what do you want.  I worked 67 hours in the last six days.

Till next time,

Just do it…


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