Project Gray Muffin: Update #1

I must apologize.  I should have posted an update a week or two ago.  CaptainCon happened.  The last two weeks have been a blur.  It seems like every day was consumed by “what about this”, last minute stuff.

C360_2014-07-08-11-35-20-609A couple of weeks ago, I started working on Thyra.  I looked at the studio photo a lot. Then I asked a couple of Menoth players about assembling her after painting the parts. That seemed like the way to go. I pinned the arms, the banners and the head. I drilled all the holes in the body before I primed it.  Five of them. The body was pinned in one foot and I used some hemostats on that.  The little part at the bottom is part of the skirt that attaches in the back.  That was basecoated then glued on, then finished with the body.

I did the Sanguine Base and Ironhull Grey first. Just a solid basecoat. I pulled out the Forces of Menoth book and followed the gold Recipe. Next was an Armor Wash on the grey. I cut the IronHull with Morrow White to add highlight and details.  Back to Forces of Menoth to do the Sanguine.  I tried to do a lot of shading on the cloth. The Menoth symbols on the skirt and swords have some  Morrow White to accent them.  The sword blades and the small areas of chain-mail are Cold Steel with Quick Silver and Radiant Platinum accents. There was an Armor Wash in there too.  This was on the body, both arms, the banners and the head.

Of course she has a crackle plaster base. C360_2014-07-17-23-31-27-493

I was really careful with the head. I attached the arms and banners, then I painted the face.  I used the same guide I posted in the last post. I was careful with the eyes. I am falling in love with the Ichiban GnG kickstarter brushes. I used Midlund Flesh as the base, Khador Flesh and Ryn Flesh for shading.  Some Sanguine Base on the lips.  Thamar Black and Morrow White for the eyes. C360_2014-07-17-23-31-30-494

Her hair is based in Bloodstone and highlighted with Bootstrap Leather. I am really happy with the face.  I think it took 10 minutes to do. I attached her head and did the final touch-ups.

The photos below are in direct sunlight, a little bright, but I think you can get the idea.

Thyra 006   Thyra 005   Thyra 003 An interesting thing happened at CaptainCon.  I ended up with Saturday and Sunday 4am -8am shift.  Not enough volunteers.  So I pulled my big bag o stuff out of the car and started assembling, basing and priming models for Grey Muffin.
So, everything is on a base with Crackle plaster.  The Cavalry horses got, assembled, putty and plastered.  Choir got assembled, plastered and primed. Dervishes and Vigilant got assembled and plastered.  I forgot to bring the Sanctifier.  I started the conversion of a metal crusader into Blood of Martyrs. Some of the Daughters had been based.  I pulled the arms off of all of them. I have specific ideas on how I want to mix and match the arms. I am ordering some replacement arms too.  All the daughters are primed and plastered. Today I primed the Cav horses, the Dervishes and Vigilant, and finished the Mod to make the Blood of Martyrs. Black WidowsNext is back to work on Ambidextrous Toucan.  Not sure what.

Until Next time.

Just do it…

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