Project: Ambidextrous Toucan Update #3 – Faces

ToucanApologies for not post more often…

CaptainCon is taking more time than I expected.

I have been able to paint once or twice a week. Working 60 hours a week at my “day” job and doing CaptainCon work.

I have been trying to improve my painting.  A few months ago, while digging in a file cabinet, I found a thirty year old guide to painting faces.  I must have gotten it at GenCon or Origins.  Armory (now Alliance) used to make a paints and gave things like this away.

photo1 (2)



I decided to give it a try when I did the Ashlynn with the Flag.  Since then I have used it as a guide for everything I do.  It only takes a few minutes to do some shading on the face. Pick you base color, a lighter and darker shade.  You mix those three to make five shades.

Sam3The latest thing added to this project was Sam and the Devil Dogs.  It was kind of funny. Sitting at the game store painting them and people didn’t know who/what they are. Never seen them on the table. Show them the card. Wow, they do a lot of things. I don’t have pictures of all ten of them (my screw up). I do have Sam and the guy with the Net.  Nothing flashy about how I painted them.  They are not right or fancy people.  I did use different flesh tones on them.






So, what next.  I have a commission for Snapjaw that I need to do.  For this project, probably Taryn, Rutger and a Nomad.  I am pretty happy with the progress.  I am looking forward to the PKnights too.  Beautiful models and challenging paint scheme.

Ashlynn theme list

PSX_20140716_121857Something else.  I got the kick-starter brushes.  I have been using them on Thyra (Project Grey Muffin).  I love them.  The amount of hair and the point are great.  I have been using WN7 for the last two years and these brushes are as good or better. Time will tell on how well they last.  The cover to protect the brush take some getting used to.  I am getting used to slipping them into my pocket when I go to the game store to paint ….

Well, that’s enough for now….

Till next time,

Just do it!!!


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