Project: Ambidextrous Toucan Update #2

ToucanIt has been a couple of weeks.

I have not stopped, just crazy busy…

CaptainCon stuff, GenCon stuff, TempleCon stuff..  Working 60 hours a week, mostly at night…

For example, I didn’t get home until 4:30 this morning.  MuffinThe cute little 14 pounds of trouble we have.  Muffin, has learned to push open my door.  She will jump on my bed and give me a wet tongue to wake me up.  Twice this morning at about 9:00..  So cute, but….

Ashlynn theme list…  Where was I ….

Ashlynn was done. I finished the Vanguards. Not to greatest models to build.  Hips, body, shoulders, engine and head are not easy to align and glue. The arm and legs are fiddly too…  It paints up well.  They are for Ashlynn, so they got the same purple, crown and stars on the shield.  I added some checker board for contrast.Ashlynn BG

Madeline1I have had Madelyn Corbeau since she was pre-released at GenCon 2009.  I never thought I could do her face and such. I was digging in a file cabinet and found a 1980 hand out from The Armory.  They used to make paint and had a two page write up on how to do faces.  I have been trying to follow their steps and I think the faces are better. Sanguine Base and Greatcoat grey are the predominant colors.  Menoth White Highlight for shading too.


The back photo has some glare. Her hair isn’t really blue.  I need to finish her base and add a little smoke (cotton) to her cigarette.

Next I pulled out a small unit.  Dannon Blythe and Bull. They don’t show up on the table very much.  With Dannon’s prey and a spell from Ashlynn, they have some crazy threat range.  Add Ashlynn’s feat and you can mess stuff up.  Now that I look at Bull, he needs some highlights on his HairDannon1

What next?

I have most of this list assembled a primed.

Dannon2I pull out Sam and the Devil Dogs.  The extra weapons are still separate.  Paint them model, paint the weapons, then glue them together. Yup, I’m crazy.

I have just done some basecoats on them.

Coal Black for the boots.

Battle Dress Grey for the leggings.

Bull1Iron Hull Grey for the pants

Bull2Pig Iron for the steel

There will be some brass balls for the armor and weapons too.

The flesh will be multiple shades.  Captain Sam is and equal opportunity employer…  The rest, I will figure out as I go along.

Almost time to go to work…

Ashlynn theme listHere is the project sheet.  Yes, I keep it up to date..  Nice to see more purple showing up… I like that..

Till next time,

Just do it!!!!

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