Project Gray Muffin

Another Project? Is two enough, is six to many…..

Over the years, I have slowly accumulated quite a bit of Menoth.  It is stored under my desk with the rest of the unpainted stuff. That picture shows you about half of it. A lot of it was trades or buying second hand stuff.


KreossIn a paint & swap in 2011, I got a Thyra. Well, I got a painted Kreoss.  A fabulous paint job. He also gave me Thyra.  He started painting her and didn’t finish.  So, she sat under my desk for three years.

I occasionally look around in several forums to see what people have painted.  A few months ago I saw this!!! Specifically the Daughters of the flame. The white Menoth paint scheme just never did it for me.  I have seen a lot of Black Menoth.  Nope, to dark, to flat, I never saw one with shading like these.


I can do a dark grey.  I really didn’t like the purple and I thought the standard Sanguine would really look sharp. Maybe a little more dark gold than the Jolly Roger Studio models. The gears start turning.  A friend did a quick photoshop. image Normally, I paint the caster as a test model, but one of the sword tassels was broken off, so I ordered the parts.  I didn’t want to do a whole unit of Daughter as a test.  So, Nicia got the nod.




I am really happy with how she came out.  Ambidextrous Toucan is not stopping.  I finished another model this week.  I will slowly mix in some Charcoal Menoth once and a while.

I had to base her too.  I really like the crackle plaster bases for Menoth.

Nicia with base done

I have been using a sheet like the ones below to track progress on projects. The color code is at the bottom.  I am not sure about the jack mix for this list, so I will paint more than I need.

I will probably do Thyra next.  As soon as the parts come in.  One thing is certain.  I will NOT be doing four units of Daughters all at once.

As always, comment, criticisms and suggestion are always welcome.

Black Widows

Until next time,

Just Do It!!!


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