Crackle Plaster is easy…

What is Crackle Plaster?  It is a plaster that is designed to crack when it dries.  I wanted to try this because I have always wanted to rebase my High Reclaimer list.

IMG_20140309_184822470Here it is.  I got it at Micheal’s.  It is easy to track down coupon that give 45% or more, off the perchase of one item.  A game company has a similar product. What I got for under $10 would have cost me over $80 from the high priced brand.  After doing over 40 bases, I still have way over 80% of the tub left.  I am pretty sure you could do 200 to 300 base with this tub…

First thing is to fill in the base slot in the 30mm and 40mm bases.  I used masking tape.  Trimmed it up with a good knife.

The it is time to play with the mud.  Just take a craft stick, tooth pick or if you don’t mind getting messy, use your finger.  Push some around until you fill in the edges, then smooth it out.  Not as smooth as a ping pong table.  Some small ripples seem to help.



Let it dry for at least two days.  Yes, it takes a while.



Here is after 24 hours.


And after 48 hours.


I have a burnt sienna ink was that I used as a base.  I just took a brush and did a heavy coat.  It took about an hour to dry.  Once and a while you get some loose plaster.  The ink was seems to help those pieces stick to the base.


It looks pretty good after it dried, but I wanted to lighten up the high spots.


I pulled out the Menoth White Highlight and did a quick drybrush.  I wanted it to be a little bit shinny.


I use brush on sealer, dull coat and semi gloss.  I pulled out the semi gloss and put on a thick layer.  This also helps keep the plaster from coming loose.

Just a little bit of shine.  Now I need to clean up the bases.


If you look above the 50mm base, there is a small piece of steel wool.  I just rubbed it around the black part of the base.  I had to use a knife a couple of times to clean a little bit of plaster around the edge.


With the edges pretty well cleaned up, all that is left is to remove the old bases from over 40 models and put them on this.  Well that will be another post.


That shot is before I cleaned up the bases…

Until next time..

Just do it….

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3 Responses to Crackle Plaster is easy…

  1. VoltRon says:

    Reblogged this on Miniature armies, huge time sink. and commented:
    A simple way to make some crackle bases! Check it out!

  2. Thank you for the detail tutorial. Always good to have more of those around for beginners and veterans alike. I also own the exact crackle paste, but so far was not entirely convinced of its properties. I think your bases look very nice, but show much more crackling than I had in my attempts. Did you by any chance experiment a bit to figure out how the cracking can be enhanced? I could see that some mixed in water might alter the effect or maybe speeding up the drying time with a hairdryer?

    • lonelymonk says:

      Well, I don’t have a hairdryer…

      I read and found that larger areas get larger cracks.. Thicker plaster gets more cracks too..

      I will try adding some water to the plaster to see how that works and I will post an update.

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