Project Rolling: Update #9 – Preposterous Pantsless Pachysaurus

It has been a long time.  Way to long.  TempleCon has come and gone.  More than once I started to write and nothing got posted.  It didn’t seem right.

I have never been happy with the bases on the High Relaimer Theme List.  So I am working on some Crackle Plaster Bases.  More about that in another post.

Project Toucan will take it original name – Ambidextrous Toucan.  It is being worked on. Slowly.  Ashlynn has been started along with two Vanguards.

Project T for T is over for now, I need to get some photos and write that up.

Kath Laddermore is done. She is for someone very special.  Again, I need photos and a write-up.

A lot of my time is involved with CaptainCon.

This one Started late in August of 2013.  I must say that last summer was really rough on me.

One of my friends told me about a game store that had a second hand Mammoth for sale. The price was within my budget.  I called them up and worked out the shipping cost.  Sent the money and waited.

The box arrived.  I pulled it out and the first thing I noticed, no card. Shrug, I can get the cards.  It came in a Battlefoam made for a Mammoth, but it didn’t fit. Strange!!

I pulled it out and the way it was put together.  Shocking.  The person who put it together had done a crap job.  The parts came straight from the box and received globs of glue.  Add enough glue and almost anything will stick together.  I can picture this fool.  Ripping the box open.  Spending 10 minutes gluing it together. Three large Zap-a-Gap bottles might have been enough. The rest of the parts went into the trash. I am sure he played a few games with him.  As soon as he figured that the Mammoth isn’t an instant win.  He sold it to the store.  Pity the Fool…

I proceeded to use, glue softener and a knife to disassemble him.  It took about two hours. The I searched the Privateer Press webpage.  They had an insider what showed all the Mammoth parts.

Here is the shocking part.  Twenty two parts missing….   All the decorative parts, gone.  I copied the photo and marked the missing parts.

Mammoth parts 02

I didn’t do anything for three or four days.

That began six month of trying to find parts to buy.  Privateer Press doesn’t sell Gargantua Parts yet.  I won’t bother you with the details.  I found someone who had the parts and spent the money to get them.

What do I plan.  Well, I have not mapped the whole plan out.  I have decided not to do anything to fancy on the base.  What I plan do do in the updates is a detailed look at all the parts.  How they fit together.  What is easy, what is hard.  So….

I have started. Not painting. Not assembling. I started removing mold marks and glue globs.

IMG_20140330_144238432Here is the left leg.  It is easy to see the mold injection points.  One is at 6 O’clock the other at 10 O’clock.  The shine you see in some areas is glue.  All around the plug that holds the leg to the body is a between 1/32 – 1/16 of and inch of glue.  After I removed the two plugs, the leg still didn’t fit into the body.  It is slow work and I am going as slowly as needed to remove the glue with a very sharp knife and some files.  Yes, I am using a mask!  I know about resin dust.


The body had more glue on it than the leg did.  I spent about an hours cleaning the glue from body and leg connection.  Then I grabbed the other leg and repeated the process.   I even spent a little time with the tail, but I didn’t finish that yet.

Not a huge amount of progress.  But it is a start.

I am going to keep track of the time I spend on this project.

2 hours disassembling, 2 1/2 cleaning two legs and the lower body.  Total 4  1/2 hours…

Until next time…

Just do it..

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