Work Days…

I work a full five days a week.  Each day I move hundreds of pounds of auto part.  I am trying to do hobby stuff every day, but work days are hard.  I get home as late as 7:30 after 8 or 9 hours.  Dinner and some family time leave me less than 2 hours before I start falling asleep.  That is enough time to do some painting.

The problem I am having is with my hands and arms.  They are just tired.  My fingers are stiff and my arms feel like lead.  I just don’t have the fine motor skills to do the detailing that I like to do.

The things I can still do:

  • Work on bases
  • Assemble models
  • Prime models
  • Base coat models
  • Washes and shading
  • Repairs

As I look at this list, that is the majority of the things I need to do to finish a model.  The trick is to manage the models I am working on so I do the detail work on the days I have off.  Of course this includes balancing hobby time with everything else I have to do..

Part of the reason for writing this is show myself that I can keep going and not skip work night when I don’t feel the best.

Silent bob facingLast night I pulled out the Silent Bob theme force (The High Reclaimer).  I have never done the facings on the bases.  I did a little bit of gluing too.  The facings are yellow/orange. I got about half of them got done.  I will work on them again soon.  I also have to do repairs and facings on BigK theme too..

That pier base is done, but I am procrastinating on the model.  Mostly because the detail is left.  It two weeks there is a large charity event.  I am planning on playing a list that includes that base/model.  I guess I am saying I will finish that in two weeks…   Damn, another deadline…


The poll.  Your killing me.sitduck


I thought there would be a clear winner by the end of the first week.

No, of course not.  For two days Ashlynn was one point in the lead.  Then it was a tie.  Back to the Coven leading by a point.  Now it is back to a tie.

I have thought of ending it in a tie, but I really don’t want two projects running at once.

So the pole goes on.

Until next time

Just do it.

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