Fixing things…..

DJackA couple of weeks ago, I pulled out the Deathjack.  I painted it about two years ago.  One arm was broken, a couple of parts had come off…  a new ball in the left shoulder, cleanup and re-glue and touch up the paint…

I notice that I the rest of the Cryx are lacking facing marks and finishing the bases…

So today I pulled them out and black the bases edges on most of them, then the green facings on all of them.  Glues a couple of parts back.  It is a good thing to call them done until I add more models.

BigKskirtOn of the guys just got Karchev.  He was a surprised by the number of parts.  A lot of the newer models are easier to build then the ones form 6-7 years ago.  I took a little over an hour and drilled and pinned the legs to the hips.  Put in the small pin to hold his sporran. Drilled and pinned the frame that hold his skirt.  It is always nice to help a friend.  I might see K the Terrible fully painted next week.

I have to pull out the bag with the BigK project in it.  I have not played it in over six months.  I need to check for damage, fix it and add facing marks…

I have some Skorne with broken banners, Swordsmen UA, Tyrant Commander, Venator UA.  It is about time I fixed them too.  They deserve to be on the table when they get called not hidden away because the soft metal shaft broke.

I keep looking at the Poll.  It is still to close to declare a winner.  Skorne and Gators have fallen back and I don’t think they will catch up.  Mercenaries and Cryx have been tied or very close for the last few days.  Menoth has been 2-3 vote back most of the time.  I cant call this one yet.   It is just to close.  So if you have not voted…

thanks you…

Just do it…

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