Plug’n along…

Not a lot to report.

The base is finished.  I cleaned up between the base and the water.  Added some gold for the facing marks.

I painted Anastasia di Bray a couple of months a go.  I did her basing.  Nothing fancy, some ballast and some static grass.  What I am using for most of the Merc bases.

d9637250-d31d-418c-aae7-8de5c1907105_zps20246749 (1)Before….   I made a mistake here.  I didn’t tape over the holes in the base.  That is why there are holes by her feet in the later steps…

fa0ce996-9d4e-4bc5-a1a0-90ada82a1df1_zps4be906f5White glue and Ballast.  Pretty easy to see where the glue oozed into the holes…

White glue stripes and Yellow “fuzzy” foliage. bca2410f-6dca-4589-a097-676c5d95bd1b_zpsc472f753

White glue spots and Static Grass is the last step.  Well, the holes got smaller and the static grass filled them. Pretty easy way to base things if you have three different colors and textures…137d97cb-cd0b-4ce4-916d-733c617c3e3c_zpsd6e2a823

Picking up a new phone today.  Retiring my old Droid X.  The poor thing is falling apart.  A lot of good stuff from that phone.  It was great for being a roving reporter for Losthemisphere at GenCon 2010 and other conventions.  Sad to retire my old friend…  But the new phone is pretty sweet.  Used it for those photos.

Poll results.  Here is a snapshot from Sunday.

A new Project

Answer Votes Percent
Ashlynn D’Elyse 14 25%
Witch Coven of Garlghast & the Egrogore (NQ theme) 13 23%
High Allegiant Amon Ad-Raza 10 18%
Maelock the Dreadbound 10 18%
Makeda & the Exalted Court 10 18%

Still very close.  Have you voted yet?

Till next time…

Just do it!!!

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