Vox populi

I have not had a project since Grace O’Malley.  I make no promises on when this will be finish.  Only that it will get finished and I will post about this. I have a large model for myself and two commissions that I need to finish before I start this or anything else.  I don’t have all of the models, but I can get them.  A few of the model are already painted, but nowhere close to half of any one of these.

All five are interesting to me.  The project selected will be at least 50 points and a Tier 4 Theme force. This isn’t about what list is the most competitive.  It is about painting a list that I think will be interesting and fun for me.  Fun to paint and fun to play.

I will run this poll for at least a week..  I will post the results after I close it..

For those of you not so knowledgeable in this game. AshlynnAshlynn D’Elyse is a rebel fighting to free her conquered nation.  She leads a band of mercenaries and a host of Jacks. Gunmage units, Sam and the Devil Dogs, Precursor Knights just to name a few. Amon

High Allegiant Amon Ad-Raza is a leader from a monastic order that worship the the God Menoth.  His army is made up of desert natives,  the followers of Menoth and a force of light jacks.

MalockMaelock the Dreadbound was a Gatorman magic user.  His death made him the servant of another.  His army is made up of Gatorman warriors, Witch Doctors and other swamp dwelling nightmares. Bone Swarms and Spitters and Swamp Horrors, Oh my!!!

Makeda3Makeda & the Exalted Court is the leader of a vast empire to the east.   She leads the greatest samurai like warriors in the Skorne empire along with the Warbeast that highlight her army.  Giant Elephant like Titans and humanoid Cyclops just to name a couple.


Witch Coven of Garlghast & the Egrogore are some of the youngest leaders of the Cryx.  Hordes of undead soilders, constructs and other abominations.   Iron Lich Overseers leading jacks independent from the Coven.  Warwitch Siren dance across the battlefield.

Thank you one and all

Just do it..

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