Just a little base…

What have I been doing…

I need a custom base for a model I have been working on for several months.  One of the tricks I have used before.

C360_2013-09-15-12-26-56-180_orgIf you don’t feel like painting, do something else.  There is always some assembling, basing, sealing, Simple Green work..   There is more to this hobby than painting.

I spent over a week doing a full inventory of all the models I have.  But you don’t care about that.

First I pulled out some old scraps of white foam.  Soft stuff that glues well with white/wood glue.  I cut to semi-circles, matched them to the base and glued them together. C360_2013-09-15-12-53-52-200_orgI used some cast dental plaster stone wall pieces to face the front and top.  You have to be careful, they are brittle.  Easy to break them while cutting.  Once they are glued in place they are really solid.  I used them on part of the Low Tide board and only one has broken in four years.  My trusty old micro-saw did a lot of the work.  A large file did the rest.  First I glue on the front stone parts on the front with white glue.  I needed some C360_2013-09-15-13-17-57-248_orgweight to hold them in place while it dried.While the glue was drying, I pulled out some craft sticks and 1/2″ wooden dowels.  I need to build a small pier to connect to the sea wall.  I wasn’t hard, just made some measurements and used the same tricks I used to make those 4″ x 4″ pier sections for Low Tide.

I used Zap-a-dapa-goo to hold the pier parts together.  It is super for working with wood.  It connect almost instantly, but take time to dry.  You can move parts around 10-15 minutes later.  It is also not a rigid glue, it flexes a little.  I also cut two legs to support the pier.  I am sorry, I didn’t get any pictures of this part of construction.

C360_2013-09-15-15-34-46-030_orgNext I glue the top onto the seawall.  The trick to this was cutting and shaping the dental plaster to fit the curve of the base and the foam.  You might notice that The top isn’t level.  I cut more foam off.

Once the top was glued on, I pulled out some shackling and covered the back to smooth it out.  Then I put black brush on primer on C360_2013-09-15-22-51-39-729_orgthe sea wall and later I added white bursh on primer to the water portion.   Then I did a grey drybrush on the stone and a brown stain on the wood.  At this point I made a lip for the end of the pier to sit on.  It made the pier rock solid.

Next I started to add the sea growth.  The stone wall bog and dark green on the bottom and a dark brown above that.  Then I glued a little sand to the brown and added some green flocking material (looks like grass) to the green.  C360_2013-09-22-13-06-08-373_orgLater I added brown ink to the sand then drybrushed some tan to bring out the texture.  The rest of the the wood got a grey dry brush.  The a black and very thin brown wash.  Wood exposed to the sun and sea gets bleached almost white.


I had to glue the legs onto the base, so I the pier and a jar of water to hold the legs in place until the glue dried.

Camera 360It is pretty easy to see that I added some shading to the water too.  I tried to add the dark show you see under a pier on a sunny day.  Some water effect to make is shine.

What is left?  I need to clean up around the water.  Glue the pier onto the legs and some touch up to the grey and this one is done.

It will be finished tomorrow…

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