A new start

The last week has been rough.

Camera 360Today I took my own advice.  “Just do it”.

No excuses, I pulled out the models I primed over a week ago and started painting.

To go back to last week.  I have Kathy the Dragoon to paint for cousin Patti.  She has been waiting for me for way to long.  Every time I got another commission, she said she would wait.  It is time to do it.

Kathy has a spear that is very easy to bend on the mounted version.  So I drilled it out and pinned it.  Camera 360Before I did that I cut the on foot versions spear too.  Ooops, I had to pin them both.  Just a little distracted at the time.  Nothing super hard.  The dismounted spear has a hand on it and two points of contact with the body.  That means the spear has to be the perfect length and the two hands have to line up with the arms.  After that it was some white brush on primer.

Camera 360This week I have something new.  At TempleCon I got a set of Games and Gears brushes.  New product even.  Double ended, designed for two brush blending.  High quality that sounds as good as anything I have ever tried.  I have been using Windsor Newton 7 for a year.

I did a lot of basecoating with the #2.  The point stayed very well, handle thin and thick Camera 360paint.  I like the Ferrule a lot.  It is thicker and easier for me to hold.  I used the #0 and it didn’t feel like a tooth pick in my fingers.  They cleaned up nicely and the point still looks like new.  I will have to use them for a couple of month to see how they hold up to a lot of painting.

I know this is just one day of painting.  The G&G brushes are as good as a WN7.  I will post more as I continue to use the.

I also did something I have never done before.  Tonight I put money in this kickstarter.  My finances are not the best right now.  I like these brushes a lot and I want more ASAP.  There is only a couple days left so take a look at the kickstarter and put a little bit of money in this one.  You won’t be disappointed..

I did the basecoat on the dismount and her torso too.

Glad to be back.  Till next time.

Just do it..

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2 Responses to A new start

  1. lonelymonk says:

    Why ask me, ask Games & Gears…

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