The last Waltz

I lost a friend today.

We got Maih thirteen and a half years ago.  An energetic puppy known for sitting on the couch and barking at anyone walking in the neighborhood. Not an angry bark, more like, come play with me.

One of her early nicknames was Crazy Puppy.  So full of energy.  She had her favorite toys. A stuffed Carrot survived all these year.  Not much fuzz left on it, the squeaker was long dead, but even in her last weeks she would play tug of war with it..

Chasing a ball or playing soccer (she was the goalie) ranked up there too. When she was young she would chase a laser pointer till she couldn’t run any more.

In the last few years she wasn’t as active, but she became closer to us. She would walk up and put her paw on my leg asking for me to pick her up and sit next to me on the couch.

Maih from PattiShe would go to bed before I did.  Get the bed warm.  She snored, kicked and stole the pillow too…

When I was sick she would stay next to me.  When I had a bagel she wanted some.  Well, she wanted a little bit of everything.

Over the last week her health got really bad and we lost her today.  This home will be to quiet without you.

Farewell my friend.  We will never have another one as good as you.

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2 Responses to The last Waltz

  1. Erica says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss. Dogs are family and we miss them as much (and often more) than a person. *hugs*

  2. doppelbock says:

    So sorry, losing a furry friend is so tough especially after so many years. Keep the good memories alive.

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