On the Road – The Forest is next…


I took about two tables at the Whiz to do the terrain I was working on..  Pretty simple really.   A lot of the plaster blocks had come unglued.  I had to fit them back together or find replacements.  A little like doing a puzzle..

Camera 360

Camera 360 Camera 360

First things was some old plastic tree bases glued down on bases.  Two or three on a base.  The trees have been lost or broken so the bases really look poor.   Dug around the edge, used some needle-nose to pull them up.   Filled the hole with some brown then green flocking stuff…   They won’t win any awards, but they look better.

Camera 360

Some of them needs some black primer, brush on Gesso primer comes to the rescue again….   The wood glue took a couple of hours to come close to being solid.

While I waited I did some brown on the dirt around the buildings.  The buildings also got some grey on the stone.  A little help from Soulreclaimer made things faster.  He drops by during his lunch hour.  Company always make painting easier to do…

Camera 360 Camera 360 Camera 360 Camera 360 Camera 360 Camera 360 Camera 360

Sorry there isn’t much more to say about it.  I am tired after a day of work…

I need to write a list of stuff to pack.  I already have some stuff staged and ready to go.  Prize supports, stuff Lost Hemisphere had shipped here, my models, cards, Low Tide board and materials.  So much more to do…

Tomorrow.   Off to the LGS to pack up Grace O’Malley, exchange models, commissions and some other stuff.  I will also be spending several hours working on the Forest.  Around a hundred trees to finish…

Sometime tomorrow, I need to clean out the car.  When I get home I will pack everything to make Thursday morning a little easier.  Up early and off to Paul’s.  Pick up a rental van/truck.  Load all the terrain, prize supports, scenario boards, paperwork and other stuff.  Are you tired yet.  I am ….

Then we will probably grab a late lunch.  Drive to Warwick and wait until we can unload.   Then we get to set things up.   After that we have to check the paperwork and plan the prize support.  Maybe we can squeeze in some dinner too…  Not sure where or then that will happen.

If I see you on Thursday and I am distracted, it is because there are a few dozen things that need to be done.  Stuff has to get done.

That gets close to the end of Thursday.  I know I have forgotten stuff, but…

Just do it…

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One Response to On the Road – The Forest is next…

  1. Soulreclaimer says:

    Hey I remember those 🙂 Glad I could help even if it was just a little.

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