Grace O’Malley – Update #24 – Is it done?

I planned on doing this on Monday.  I had a phone asking me to work an extra shift.  So…. here I am on Tuesday doing what I planned to do yesterday.

Camera 360First thing was to stain all the plank bases.  Pretty easy, I just used an old paint brush.  This stuff dries in about an hours.  Well, it is dry enough to handle after an hour, but it takes a dry or so to really dry.  I might need to touch up the stain if there are light spots are sand down areas that are thick.

Camera 360After it dried I blacked all the bases.  Honestly they are all sloppy from gluing the planks down.  Never win an award..   Shrug, look good enough to put on the table.

I got thinking about what to do for colors on the facings.  It is a Thamarite army, almost everything can be used in other Mercenary list.  What color is appropriate for a most of  the models?  Gold came to mind.  For duplicates models/units, I used Silver then Copper.  Fiona and Ragman are the only two Thamarites, so they are Purple.

I had another problem.  I forgot the charger for my phone.  I didn’t get all the photos I wanted before I killed the battery.  I am sorry, I will get some better photos and update this post as soon as I can.

Camera 360

Someday I will add a Galleon to my Mercenaries.  Not sure when, I have the feeling they will be hard to keep on the store shelves for a while.

Camera 360Only three solos, I can only hope that another Thamarite solo wanders into the game some day.

One of the reason I wanted to do this list was the models.  The Sea Dog crew, Mr Walls and the Press Gang models have so much personality.  A lot of fun to paint and every easy to make them individuals.  The Lass, the guy with the lantern and sack man stand out so much.  I love the badger in the pocket.

Camera 360

Camera 360

The Sea Dog as far as the eye can see.  That is twenty two Sea Dogs, Mr Walls and three Riflemen.

Camera 360

I might have done enough striped plants.  This photo make it clear that I need to touch up the stain.

Camera 360

Croe’s has been done the longest.  I have one problem with this unit.  No good way to attach the swords/crossbows to the back of the model.  Not the end of the world, just a pain in the ass.

Am I done.  I want to make the facings a little thinner, touch up the bases a little more.

I’m sure I have will have a little more painting to do before I pack up for TempleCon, but most of my free time will be doing prep work.  More Templates, finish the trees and paint and finish some other terrain.

Till next time,

Just do it.

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2 Responses to Grace O’Malley – Update #24 – Is it done?

  1. kostas says:

    Great work! May I ask how do you make the planks you use at the bases?

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