Grace O’Malley – Update #23 – conundrum

The internal debate about the planks is still not resolved.  The perfectionist is worried about the bases not coming out well..   If I screw up painting a model, I drop it in the “dip” jar and do it again.  If I screw up the bases, I can’t strip them.  I would have to remake 48 plank bases (all custom cut)…

I have a little bit of sanding to smooth the wood and to see it I can remove some of the white primer around the feet and some paint drips.

I can do them all one color, uniting all the Pirates with one base.  If I do that I can use facing makes to distinguish the models.

I think the Oak and Walnut are neck and neck.  I can’t picture the whole army with reddish bases….

The other option is to divide the models into units/groups.

Fiona, Battlegroup, Doc – Walnut – dark for Tamarite

  • 10 sea dogs + Mr Walls – Walnut
  • 6 sea dogs – maple
  • 6 sea dogs – oak
  • 3 sea dog riflemen – one of each?
  • 10 press gang – walnut
  • 6 press gang – oak

Kell, Ragman, Croe’s Cutthroats are on dirt base because they are not pirates 😉

I need some sleep, with snow on Tuesday, I need to really get this done tomorrow.

Just do it…

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