Grace O’Malley – Update #22 – Just four!

Today I got to sit down at the Whiz and pick up where I left off.

There was a 40k tournament going on.  The tournament judge was painting too.  Having someone to talk to made the day quite pleasant.  Ruth dropped off the last four Sea Dogs.  They had some basecoating done.  I took the colors and tried to build on them.  I picked up and sandwich at the Deli next door.  It is so nice to have door opened between the store and the Deli.  Really good stuff, seven days a week.

So much for getting side tracked.  I finished all four.

Camera 360

Nothing really special about them.  I tried to use some dark tones.  They are all cultists.  The leader had brown pants, a dark blue coat and a light blue shirt.

Camera 360

I added some red stripes to his shirt.  Purple cuffs and lapels to his coat.  the black hat has a fuzzy edge, white with a hint of light blue.  The rest of it is pretty standard for what I do.

The others next one green pants and blue sash.  I had just heard a Billy Idol song on Pandora and I saw his hair with bandanna  around his forehead.  White hair, purple bandanna, brown leather vest with some brass accents.  Any well dressed pirate would be proud to be dressed like that.

The next one has Grey as a Camera 360base color.  He has black bandanna, tan and off white pants.

The last one is has a light blue tunic, green vest, purple hat, off white pants.

60/60 model painted.

Fiona The Black

* Freebooter
* 2x Mariner

Camera 360Doc Killingsworth
Kell Bailoch

  • 10 Croe’s Cutthroats
  • 10 Sea Dogs, 1 Sea Dog Riflemen, Mr. Walls, Quartermaster
  • 2 Sea Dogs, Sea Dog Riflemen – Thanks Ruth
  • 4 Sea Dogs
  • 6 Sea Dogs, Sea Dog Riflemen
  • 10 Press Gang
  • 6 Press Gang

Camera 360

You might have noticed that I don’t have anything left to paint.  Honestly, I need to give every model another look see.  Trying to make sure the edges and corners don’t have the paint rubbed off.

The next thing is to stain the bases.  I may sand them down a little to remove some of the paint & stains.

I have three option.  Oak, Maple, Walnut.  I am looking for some feedback.  You have pictures of all of the pirate models.

The Maple if darker and has a red tint.

The oak is a very light tan, almost a blond color.

The Walnut is a dark brown.

Camera 360

What do you think.  I have not made up my mind.  The dark seem to fit the Thamarite theme, but it leave less contrast with a lot of the models with dark colors.  The maple, I just don’t know how the red will work with everything.  The oak seems very neutral, but again, I am not sure..

Considering there are 5 units with plank bases,  I could use different stains to identify different units…

What do you think?

Till next time,

Just do it…

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2 Responses to Grace O’Malley – Update #22 – Just four!

  1. Josh says:

    I like the maple the best, just feels more ship-like. After that I like the wtalnut. The oak looks to light to me.

  2. bbzs says:

    I’m definitely with the oak!

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