Grace O’Malley – Update #21 – So close…

I had some time on Monday and today to paint.  I got a late start today.

Camera 360

Just three or four inches.  Waited for the trucks to clear the street.  The snow-blower did the rest.  Well, some shoveling too..   Got to the Whiz about noon.  Not really any reason to hurry.

Six Press Gang left.  Damn that sounds good.

There is the Lass, the boss (big coat and a badger), Sackman, block and tackle, two guy with table legs.  What you saw last time was mostly basecoats.  Most of them didn’t have the hair done.  A bunch of striped pants too.

I tried to take one model and detail it start to finish.  Well, I did that until I did a wash, then swapped to another model.  The one with the wash went to the back of the line.

The Lass need a lot of lighter skin, eye shadow, pink cheeks.  Shading on her cloths.  I decide to make her a blonde.  The boss didn’t need a much work.  His jug and the Badger got most of the work.  His watchcap is black with grey highlights.  His cigar got a nice orange glow like he is puffing away…

Camera 360As I look at this photo, I need to do a little work on that lantern…

The next two, sackman has a coal black hat with a red/white pompom and off white on the brim of his hat.  I tried to make his pants look a little dirty.  A lot of shading on the sacks.  The guy with the table leg has some yellow piping on his cuffs, brass button (all of them have brass buttons).  His pants are actually three colors.  light blue, then white, then dark blue in the middle of the light blue.  The trick to doing stripes is “Don’t worry about it”..  They don’t have to be straight, even or perfect..

Camera 360

The last two.. The block and tackle one has yellow trim on his leather vest.  Why, I don’t know, it look good I guess..  Big gold ear rings too..  The guy with the table leg has horizontal stripes, brighter blue.  One of the locals asked if he just escaped from jail..  Maybe he did..  White piping on his coat, slightly lightened Greatcoat Grey.

Camera 360

Nothing remarkable about any of these.  At least it doesn’t seem like it when I have done this many.

I finished these up and Ruth showed up.  We talked about that last unit of Sea Dogs.  She can’t finish them any time soon.  She has a new job (less time) and school is taking more time too.  I should get the model tomorrow.  They are partially done.  Not sure how much is done.  I will take some before & after shots..

Once those four are done, I will finish all the plank bases.  Then do a clearcoat on them.

Looks like the Galleon is coming out on 30 Jan.  The Whiz won’t have it till Thursday or Friday….  Nope, no Colossal for this list..  At least not before TempleCon.  Sadness, well maybe just a little.  I had hoped that 120mm of goodness would come out this week, giving me two weeks to paint it.  Worry not, I have a LOT of TempleCon work to do…

56/60 model painted.

Fiona The Black – Done

Buccaneer – Done
* Freebooter – Done
* 2x Mariner – Done

Doc Killingsworth – done
Kell Bailoch – done
Ragman – done

  • 10 Croe’s Cutthroats – done
  • 10 Sea Dogs, 1 Sea Dog Riflemen, Mr. Walls, Quartermaster
  • 2 Sea Dogs, Sea Dog Riflemen – Ruth
  • 4 Sea Dogs – partialy done
  • 6 Sea Dogs, Sea Dog Riflemen – done
  • 10 Press Gangers – done
  • 6 Press Gangers

Till next time…

Just do it.

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