Closing out 2012 – part 4

Unlike the other three this one will not be in chronological order.  I switch back and forth between different things so much I can’t untangle the mess….

Camera 360In late August, early Sept I did a little bit of Skorne and start on two Seige Animantarax (Turtles).  One for me and one for a Breast Cancer Brawl planned for October.  I found several bad pieces of resin and needed replacements.  So I did the bases.

Camera 360 While waiting for those, I did some other Skorne.  Hexeris1, Hexeris2, Morghoul1 got finish.  07 28 12 007Mordikaar had lost his sword and got finished in October along with some Void Spirits (two for me and one for an exchange).

Camera 360The Turtles got worked on as a team for several days.  Then I  Camera 360concentrated on the Charity model and finished it.  The day after I Camera 360finished it, the Breast Cancer Brawl was postponed until February 2013.  So I still have him.  He Brother got finished in Mid November.  I also did a full unit of Venator Slingers in November.  Four Caster, three solos, two battle engines and a ten model unit.  Sounds like a lot?  Not really….

Camera 360

10 05 12 037

Camera 360

Camera 360

Camera 360What next?  In Mid-November I did a BFF for LH..  I wanted to do Dehneghra2 and Nightmare half normal and half ghost.  To practice the ghost part, I did a Feralgiest first.   That worked out and I did the Caster and Jack..  Pretty happy with them.

Camera 360

The part that sucks…  Now I feel like I will have to do anything ghostly or incorporeal in the same type of paint job…

I have several people I am doing exchanges with.  So the next few are pretty much a wide variety of models.

First was Saxon von Doom.  The idea was to use Camera 360Doctor Doom colors on the useful little solo…

Next up was Targ…  No real instruction other than “give him a pink Mohawk”..  Breast Cancer Army….

Camera 360Moving right along now.

Last year G’Day got some Cygnar. Well, he calls them Dropbears and refuses to admit he is playing Swans.  He has Stryker2, but it is heavily modified and probably not tournament legal.  At his request, here is Stryker2 in Dropbear colors…  Not my best photo, but you get the idea.Camera 360

Now time for some commissions.

There is a Dark Eldar army commission at the LGS.  Three of us are working on the thing.  There is a lot more that you are not seeing.  These are just the ones I have done.  Here is a list.

  1. 3 Reavers,
  2. 3 Venom
  3. Ravenger
  4. Ravenger
  5. Ravenger
  6. Razor Wing
  7. Wrack unit
  8. Wrack unit
  9. Razor Wing

I hope I have the names right.  I don’t know much about evil space elves..

Camera 360Camera 360Camera 360Camera 360Camera 360Camera 360I almost forgot to tell you that all the guns and missiles on the Razorwings are Magnetized

Camera 360

Another commission was for some Menoth.  Five Paladins in white with Blue trim.

Camera 360I also did some more Sea Dogs and a Buccaneer for Grace O’Malley..

Camera 360

Camera 360Looking at these models makes me tired.  Not any one bunch, just the volume of them..

I don’t know if there is a lesson here.  If your looking for the meaning of life read something Scott Adams wrote..

Bye bye 2012, I am not going to miss you.  That is the polite version.

Tomorrow starts a new year and I can’t wait.

Till next time…

Just do it.

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