Grace O’Malley – Update #21 – Legal age…

Earlier this week I did some more on the project that has gone on way to long..  I wish I could have just worked on this one.

Camera 360I pulled out the second unit of Sea Dogs.  A small unit and added the third Rifleman to make it seven models.  Nothing remarkable.  It is fun to do a unit that has no painting guide.  No rules.  Make them any color, experiment, try things…

Camera 360For example, the green/yellow striped pants.  No big skill here, just picked some colors and tried it.

The only thing consistent across all the models are the weapons and shoes..  Black leather shoes.  Brass Balls and Pig Iron on the Cutlasses/Axes and pistols/rifle.  Most of the leather is Bootstrap leather and some brass balls on the buckles.

Why did I say legal age?  It is the 21st post in this series.  The real reason…  This unit gives me a legal Tier 4 at 50 points.  That was one of the goals.  I still have models to do before I finish the bases..  It does look weird with unfinished wood on them..  I don’t know if I can paint the press gang next week.  It would be nice to finish this year.

We will see how things go..

Camera 360

Fiona The Black – Done

* Buccaneer – Done
* Freebooter – Done
* 2x Mariner – Done

Doc Killingsworth – done
Kell Bailoch – done
Ragman – done

  • 10 Croe’s Cutthroats – done
  • 10 Sea Dogs, 1 Sea Dog Riflemen, Mr. Walls, Quartermaster
  • 6 Sea Dogs, Sea Dog Riflemen – three done – by Ruth
  • 6 Sea Dogs, Sea Dog Riflemen – done
  • 10 Press Gangers – done
  • 6 Press Gangers

Camera 360

Till next time

Just do it…..

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