Closing out 2012 – part Two

After TempleCon I was tired, really tired….

2012-04-18_14-11-05_66172 hours of convention activity, games, coordination, meeting friends, running tournaments, very little sleep, setup, cleanup…  Well, some of you understand what round the clock  Warmachine/Hordes is like…

I did those Khador Jacks for a commission after a couple of days rest.  I had another commission that is the center of 2011-10-05_14-28-20_13this post.  DreadFleet…..  That has more than one meaning to me.  When I took it I wasn’t sure I could do a good enough job on it..  When it was done, I knew a lot more about using P3 paints, washing, glazing, blending…  I am never going to win a big award, but I got better while doing Big F’n Box of plastic 2012-04-18_14-31-09_39ships…  In late February I took them apart and cleaned up the mold marks.  The customer had put them together.  In March, April and May I spent a lot of my time doing this project.  I would work on it get a little done, paint something else.  Do a 2012-03-01_19-14-34_279ship, do something else…  you get the idea.

I March I also work on Silent Bob and his flaming theme list.  The Avatar had a broken arm.  When I was trying to fix it other things seem weak or loose.  I 2012-04-18_14-23-26_23ended up fixing both arms and the cloths.  I repainted a lot of it.  Then I started looking at the rest of the army.  I wasn’t happy with some colors, shading, attention to detail.  So I worked to improve most of the army.  The only ones I didn’t touch were a unit of delivers and a sunburst.  Two full units of cleansers and the officer need 2012-03-30_12-14-15_312more variety in the metal, the cloth needed shading and other armor details.  One of my gripes is when a complex item, gun, boiler, etc is all the same color.   Cloth with ripples and folds shouldn’t be one color straight out of the paint pot.  Three reclaimers, two Mechaniks and 2012-04-11_12-45-19_787two Vassels all needed shading, detail, definition.  Two Castigors got some work too..  Even Silent Bob got a little bit of help.

Painting isn’t the only thing I do.  I pinned a unit of Iron Fan Pikemen for one of the locals.  This isn’t easy or fun, but it sure is better with brass rods for the pikes…

I did a BFF for Lost Hemisphere.  No one had picked Dominar Rasheth.  I had picked three casters to do.  He wasn’t picked by anyone.  I had an idea and ran with it.  I have had an Extreme Gladiator since GenCon 2010, when it came out.  He sat 2012-04-11_12-46-32_494waiting for me to have the time and inspiration to paint him.  Here is the post I wrote up about him.  I am very proud of Glutton.  I magnetized the banner and spent some extra time on it.  A beast that large really need a big fancy banner.  My only regret, is that I don’t have another one to convert into a Bronzeback.  Mold issues has kept him out of stock for over two years…

In April and May I took part in a paint and swap.  I was feeling generous.  My victim wanted a Cygnar Caster (He gave me a choice).  I picked Stryker2.  Well, Stryker has to have his pet jack with him, so I did both and shipped them out..

In early May I started working on an Evil Plan.  One of the Lost 2012-04-11_12-46-58_620Hemisphere crew had given me reasons to surprise him.  He had just about everything for his faction.  I went as far as to look for his painting posts in his local forums.  Eventually, I discovered that he had very few Mercenary Units.  I pulled out this unit painted them up and shipped them north of the boarder and twisted someones are into delivering them.

I am not sure the DreadFleet was worth the time I spent on it.  The money vs the hours defiantly wasn’t.  It was well worth the experience I got while doing it..








2012-06-08_13-04-56_573 2012-06-08_13-05-52_768 2012-06-08_13-07-39_363 2012-06-08_13-08-49_177 2012-06-08_13-09-08_967 2012-06-08_13-10-19_55 2012-06-08_13-12-40_122 2012-06-08_13-13-11_821 2012-06-08_13-13-22_560 2012-06-08_13-13-45_544 2012-06-08_13-14-14_659 2012-06-08_13-16-52_448

I figured it was best to let the pictures speak for themselves..

So here we are in early June.  My big commission is done.

What next?

Till next time,

Just do it…

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