Battle Box Melee – you really should try this!!!

A couple of months ago there was a post in Lost Hemisphere that got my attention.  Link

Spud has come up with a different twist on a Battle Box game.  Use any Official one or make an 11 point list.  There are some restrictions.  No character jacks and Chassis.  You can pick one group of Heavy Jacks/Beasts and one group of Light Jacks/Beasts.  Granted there are some casters that don’t work well without infantry, but some of them do…

First you can play it fast or take your time.  He recommends 5 min turns and a 30 + 2d6 min games with a three minute ext…

We did way over 50 games yesterday and never had a game go to time.  Less than five lasted a half hour.  There was plenty of time in a game to stop and think for a couple of minutes.

The tables are much smaller.  2′ x 2′ and you set up form corner to corner.  Corner to corner give about 33″ .  You need quite a bit of terrain.  Just make sure there is at least 3″ between pieces.  All I did was use masking tape to mark the edges of the tables.  One comment was “if you make one mistake, the game is over”.  I think this is like a knife fight in a closet.  In a little over five hours everyone played seven games.  We took a over a half hour lunch break.

Spud also recommended Round Robin.  Most of us are used to Swiss for a tournament.  Run and event and play as many games as you can.  For who won, we used Wins, head to head, the scenario points.  We had two players who win five games, but the head to head game settle that.

Scenarios are steamroller like.  ?? well, what I should say is that Spud took steamroller scenarios and cut them down to fit on a 2′ x 2′ table.  Most the games ended in a caster kill, but we had a few scenario wins.

We had one player who had not played in a long long time.  It was a great refresher.  I think with will be the way we show new players how to play games after they have had a demo.

Well done..

When I think of Spud I wonder why I think of Dr. Arkadius.

Until next time,

Just do it..


Here are Spuds rules copied from Lost Hemisphere.

Battlebox Melee

As Mr. Paul hinted on Tuesday, here’s the format we ran today:

  • List Format:
    • Players may use any official Privateer battlebox (even if it exceeds the format’s point total), or they may construct their own with the following stipulations:
    • Point Size: 11pts mangled metal
    • Warcaster/Warlock:
      • No epic models
      • No theme lists
    • Warjacks/Warbeasts:
      • No character models
      • Chassis Restriction:In the next post is a list of warjack and warbeast “chassis” for each faction. Each player may choose one Heavy (H) chassis, and one Light (L) chassis, and may not take models from other chassis within their faction.
        • Example: A Cryx player chooses the Slayer chassis as his heavy, and the Stalker chassis as his light. He can take a Slayer and a Seether in his list, but cannot include a Harrower, as this is from a different chassis.
    • Very Special Pity Allowance:Whenever a mangled metal tournament is announced here or anywhere else, there is always a cry from the Protectorate players that their faction is at a disadvantage, because their jacks are designed to work with the Choir, and have reduced stats and raised costs to reflect this. While this is true, I generally disregard their pleas, because Menite tears are the most delicious kind. However, for this one event, we are going to allow a very special exception only to Menite players, and only because of the deep pity we feel for them. It is as follows:
      • Protectorate of Menoth players may include a single Choir leader model in their army as a 1pt solo.
  • Timing:
    • Round Time: 30 minutes plus a variable.
    • Turn Time: 5 minutes, with one 2-minute extension available once per game
  • Scenarios & Format:
    • Game Boards: All games will be played on 2ft x 2ft boards, using 5” and 7″ corner deployment bubbles.
    • Scenarios: Games will use standard Steamroller 2012 scenarios, modified to fit the smaller space (zones shrunk and moved closer together, for the most part)
    • Rounds & Matchmaking: Pairings will use a round robin system, rather than Swiss pairings. We will aim for 8 rounds during the day.

Chassis List

The following is a list of chassis available for constructing your battlebox. Choose one chassis marked “H” and one marked “L”, and construct your army from the models listed under your choices.

Note that there are some odd inclusions in the Light category– Berserkers and Lesser Warbeasts count as Light choices, and Blindwater gets both the Boneswarm and Swamp Horror together as a Light.

  • Cryx
    • H1: Slayer/Reaper/Corrupter/Seether
    • H2: Harrower/Leviathan/Desecrator
    • L1: Deathripper/Defiler/Nightwretch/Ripjaw
    • L2: Stalker/Scavenger/Helldiver
  • Cygnar
    • H1: Ironclad/Defender/Cyclone/Stormclad
    • H2: Centurion/Hammersmith/Avenger
    • L1: Charger/Lancer/Sentinel/Firefly
    • L2: Hunter/Grenadier/Minuteman
  • Khador
    • H1: Juggernaut/Destroyer/Decimator/Marauder/Kodiak
    • H2: Devastator/Demolisher/Spriggan
    • L1: Berserker
  • Protectorate of Menoth
    • H1: Crusader/Vanquisher/Templar/Guardian
    • H2: Reckoner/Castigator/Sanctifier
    • L1: Repenter/Revenger/Redeemer
    • L2: Devout/Dervish
  • Retribution of Scyrah
    • H1: Phoenix/Manticore/Hydra
    • H2: Daemon/Sphynx/Banshee
    • L1: Gryphon/Chimera/Gorgon/Aspis
  • Mercenaries
    • H1: Driller/Rockram/Avalancher
    • H2: Basher
    • H3: Nomad/Mule/Rover/Mangler
    • H4: Mariner/Freebooter
    • L1: Gunner/Blaster
    • L2: Talon/Vanguard/Renegade
    • L3: Buccaneer
  • Circle Orboros
    • H1: Feral/Pureblood/Stalker Warpwolf
    • H2: Gnarlhorn/Shadowhorn Satyr
    • H3: Woldwarden/Woldguardian
    • L1: Furry/Winter Argus
    • L2: Gorax/Griffon
    • L3: Woldwatcher/Woldwyrd
  • Legion of Everblight
    • H1: Carnivean/Scythean/Ravagore
    • H2: Angel/Seraph
    • L1: Teraph/Raek/Naga
    • L2: Nephilim Soldier/Protector/Bolt Thrower
    • L3: Shredder/Harrier/Stinger
  • Skorne
    • H1: Titan Gladiator/Cannoneer/Sentry/Bronzeback
    • H2: Rhino/Archidon
    • L1: Basilisk Drake/Krea
    • L2: Cyclops Brute/Savage/Shaman
    • L3: Razorworm
  • Trollbloods
    • H1: Mauler/Blitzer/Bomber/Earthborn Dire Troll
    • L1: Pyre/Winter/Slag/Swamp/Storm Troll
    • L2: Troll Axer/Impaler/Bouncer
  • Minions
    • H1: War Hog/Road Hog
    • H2: Wrastler
    • H3: Spitter
    • L1: Gun Boar
    • L2: Bull Snapper
    • L3: Boneswarm/Swamp Horror

If you’d like to run a similar event at your venue, you can find a modified signup sheet (to accommodate 8 rounds of play) and a PDF of SR2012 scenarios that have been modified to fit on a diagonal 2×2 board.

At our event, we put a handout of all eight scenarios on each table, and then randomly picked one of them every round until all had been chosen. It worked pretty well.

For the setup of each board’s terrain, I had two guidelines:

  • The shortest path between deployment corners should never be a straight line
  • There should be enough cover and concealment to keep casters somewhat safe as they advance up the field.

Beyond that, the terrain varied wildly from table to table, with some being densely-populated and others having only one or two major terrain features.

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  1. Kriegsspiele says:

    Like the idea as I’m searching for very fast playable WMH rules, scenarios in particular. Thanks for the write up.

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