Looking ahead – Update #8 – shifting gears

This is one of those day..  After a couple of those weeks..  I keep thinking about Tuffalos and I just can’t seem to climb that mountain right now.  When that happens, it is time to find a different route.  So the Trolls are back under the desk and I pulled out some other stuff.

Variety keep me going, keeps things fresh.  So I pulled out some models I need to do for holiday/TempleCon swaps.  Why both you ask.  I will probably be cheap and hand over the holiday swaps when I see people at TempleCon.  They are doing the same I think.

I have one Void Spirit for the exchange and I want to do two more for my Mordikaar theme list.  The Feral Geist is there to make a 5th incorporial for on the Tiers.  The Geist is pinned between the upper and lower body and some really small one holding the jaw in place.  The Voids..  the upper and lower body has an nice oval area so I didn’t pin that.  The arms have small contact point so I pinned both arm and glued the left one in place.  The right one hides to much of the body so that one will wait.  The middle one is dark because it is second hand and it visited the dip jar.  The voids will be pretty standard Skorne, the Geist will be green -> light yellow..

Saxon Orrik is pretty easy, I pinned the rifle arm.   The requested was for him to have color like Doctor Doom…   Sound like fun to me.

Mage hunter assassin was primed black and had an arm broken off.  I glued that on and call that good.  The request was to make it look like a character from Spider-man.  After some looking, I think I can do some putty work and make her into Black Cat.  She will still have the chain weapon.  I can add some fur to the arms & legs.  Mostly black and white.  Should stand out of the table.  The picture was just a black blob…  oops.

Stryker2, I did him about six months ago for a swap and here he is again for a swap.  This time the request is for a green and purple armor.  Anyone every hear of a drop bear?  Don’t ask, just do a search of on Lost Hemisphere.  The engine glues easily to his back.  Head fits easily to the body, but how do you paint it in there.  So I pinned it and the pin will get pulled before it gets glued.  Both arms got shoulder pins.  The base has tab on the left foot that fit on the Epic base.  I put a pin in the right foot and a hole in the base so he is nice and secure.  The sword isn’t pinned.  It will fit nicely onto the arms and it will come off all the time to drive someone crazy !!!  😉

The Magnus1 has been a problem child.  I ordered one three weeks ago.  Not yet…  So I found a 2nd hand one and dropped it onto the dip tonight.  Painting plans, no requests, so I get to make him look beat up and dirty.

Targ is on order, hopefully get him soon too.  Only request was to give him hair to match a Lord Carver who has pink hair.. I am waiting for picture on this one..

Major Katherine Laddermore is a gift paintjob, no surprise, it is a request.  Doing it in standard Cygnar…  I need to really turn up the attention to detail on this one.  She deserves it.

So today, I did some pinning, a lot of mold mark cleanup and some assembling.  It doesn’t seem like much, but the hours just passed by so easily.  Priming a bunch of stuff, then I will have to see what draws me to it.  Like a moth to a flame….

  • Void Spirit x 3, Feral Geist – one for exchange, the rest for me – 10%
  • Saxon Orrik – exchange – 10%
  • Mage Hunter Assassin – exchange – 5%
  • Stryker2 – exchange – 10%
  • Magnus the Traiter – exchange – 2nd hand model in Dip Jar
  • Targ – exchange – on order
  • Major Katherine Laddermore – gift
  • A Holilday swap (soon) – exchange
  • 47 Dragon Forge Bases – waiting for delivery
  • Two BFF for LH (best friend forever caster & jack/beast) with a write up – Started assembling 1 Large base & 1 caster (that needs a new body)
  • Siege Animantarx – 75% – mine
  • Troll Cav & Dragoon – 40% – commission
  • No Show 5 models unit commission
  • Dark Eldar various – commission – until I pick up some more…
    1. 3 Reavers
    2. 3 Venom
    3. Ravenger
    4. Ravenger
  • Finish Grace O’Malley
    1. Seven Sea Dogs
    2. Six Press Gang
    3. Galleon – only dreaming
    4. Seven Sea Dogs – 43% (Ruth’s doing them)
    5. Buccaneer
    6. Ten Press Gang
  • Work on Rolling – Venator Slingers, Morghoul1, Hexeris2, Mordikaar,
  • Three Blackfrost Shard – charity cancelled
  • Siege Animantarx– for BCB
  • Legion Garganutua – Charity (not going to show up early enough for me to do it)
  • Another project for me, after Grace O’Malley is done……

Damn, is this list getting longers???

Till next time..

Just do it..

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