Looking ahead – Update #7 – Mammoth Stuff

Been out of action for most of the week.

Monday was pretty good, I got the Tuffalos close to done.  No,  I didn’t get any photos…

Tuesday, I just didn’t feel well, chest cold, cough etc…  Honestly, I felt like G’Day was jumping up and down on my shoulder blades..  Not good at all..  Got a lot of sleep, the voted and paid to much attention to the election.

Wednesday was a little better.  Stayed home, sleep…  Last night we got 2-3″ of snow.  Then this showed up.

@MattWilsonPrime dropped this on twitter.  I thought some of you might want to see this photo and some of the others that have been released.  So I dug around and found some others.

The muscles and armor make me think of Glutton (extreme titan gladiator) but this one looks a little bigger.   We know that this sixteen wheeler of a beast has assault, critical pitch and bulldoze.

What do we see in this picture?  Bottom right is his head.  In the very corner, there are some shadowy areas that look like they need tusks, horns or something that isn’t glued in yet.  No sign of the forehead blade yet either….

To the left of the head it looks like an armored head.  Natural armor, not skorne gold and red.  I really think that head armor looks a lot like a Triceratops dinosaur.  The edges have small horns and rings.  Pretty sure those are to chain this thin up at night.  I don’t want it running around camp looking for a snack.

Behind his head he has some Skorne armor.  Bottom right and upper left are the shoulder armor, a lot like Titan shoulders.  The only difference is the size, those shoulders are bigger than a sentry’s shield.  Great look at the left hand punch fist.  Larger version of a Gladiator punch fist.

The upper right is dominated by the FOUR cannons.  No huge surprise on how they look. Muse on Minis had the spoiler a while ago. RNG 10, PoW 15, AoE 4, RoF 3..  So a raider give RNG 14 with three shots.  Assault for one shot on a charge.

Two large and two small arms, I would expect 2 big melee attacks and a third attack for tusks.  It may not be a titan, but the art makes it look like a cousin.  A cousin with a Tail…. The other thing I hope to see is a big fat grand slam

Does anyone think PP will need a bigger box?  I’m not sure he will fit into a standard box.

Emails yesterday cancelled my part in a charity army ….   Stuff happens (polite version).  I didn’t get out of painting for charity.  I will be getting a metric butt ton of Dragon Forge bases.  I am prepping the bases for a whole army…  How many you ask?  30 small, 10 medium, 5 large, 2 huge.  I’m not going to tell you what the army is, but I will be putting some money into this charity raffle at TempleCon.

  • Void Spirit – exchange
  • Saxon Orrik – exchange
  • Mage Hunter Assassin – exchange
  • Stryker2 – exchange
  • Magnus the Traiter – exchange – ordered
  • Major Katherine Laddermore – gift
  • A Holilday swap (soon) – exchange
  • 47 Dragon Forge Bases – waiting for delivery
  • Two BFF for LH (best friend forever caster & jack/beast) with a write up – Started assembling 1 Large base & 1 caster (that needs a new body)
  • Siege Animantarx – 75% – mine
  • Troll Cav & Dragoon – 40% – commission
  • No Show 5 models unit commission
  • Dark Eldar various – commission – until I pick up some more…
    1. 3 Reavers
    2. 3 Venom
    3. Ravenger
    4. Ravenger
  • Finish Grace O’Malley
    1. Seven Sea Dogs
    2. Six Press Gang
    3. Galleon – only dreaming
    4. Seven Sea Dogs – 43% (Ruth’s doing them)
    5. Buccaneer
    6. Ten Press Gang
  • Work on Rolling – Venator Slingers, Morghoul1, Hexeris2, Mordikaar,
  • Three Blackfrost Shard – charity cancelled
  • Siege Animantarx– for BCB
  • Legion Garganutua – Charity (not going to show up early enough for me to do it)
  • Another project for me, after Grace O’Malley is done……

It is time to get the snow out of the driveway and get rolling…

Till next time,

Just do it..

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