Storm Warning – cleaning up

The day after…  power was out for five hours..  Much less than expected.  I figured two days at least.  Barb is on the cape with her month and power came on after 12 hours.  Again much better than expected.  So today is some clean up.

Picking up tree limbs in the yard, dishes, laundry…  nothing big…

Maybe get some painting at the Whiz.  It sounds like the IKRPG will be happening tonight too…

I added Major Katherine Laddermore to my list of things to do…  Honestly, I had forgotten that one.  Ugghh…

  • Void Spirit – exchange
  • Saxon Orrik – exchange
  • Mage Hunter Assassin – exchange
  • Stryker2 – exchange
  • Magnus the Traiter – exchange – ordered
  • Major Katherine Laddermore – gift
  • A Holilday swap (soon) – exchange
  •  Three Blackfrost Shard – charity
  • Two BFF for LH (best friend forever caster & jack/beast) with a write up
  • Siege Animantarx – 75% – mine
  • Troll Cav & Dragoon – 25% – commission
  • No Show 5 models unit commission
  • Dark Eldar various – commission – until I pick up some more…
    1. 3 Reavers
    2. 3 Venom
    3. Ravenger
    4. Ravenger
  • Finish Grace O’Malley
    1. Seven Sea Dogs
    2. Six Press Gang
    3. Galleon – only dreaming
    4. Seven Sea Dogs – 43% (Ruth’s doing them)
    5. Buccaneer
    6. Ten Press Gang
  • Work on Rolling – Venator Slingers 70%
  • Siege Animantarx– for BCB
  • Legion Garganutua – Charity (not going to show up early enough for me to do it)
  • Another project for me, after Grace O’Malley is done……

Till next time…

Just do it.

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