Storm Warning

Barb just left for the cape.  She is pretty sure she is staying there until at least Tuesday.  When she comes back depends on the damage and the power situation.  I’m staying home (no LGS).  Sunday is a full store between Flames of War & a Magic League…  Monday will be the worst.  Might take a drive, but won’t leave home for hours.  Painting at home is probably going to happen.  Trying not to watch the local or national news…  Not easy watching a train wreck when you’re on the train.

From Sunday night until at least Tuesday morning the Cape should be getting steady 40+ MPH winds and gust that can get over 70 MPH.

This isn’t a normal Hurricane.  It has mixed with a large cold front & storm from the west to make a Hybrid.  If anyone saw the “perfect storm” movie or read the book.  The last one was 1991 and it went out to see.  This type of storm has a much larger area of high winds.  A hurricane is usually really powerful in a small area.  Maybe 100 – 200 miles across.  Sandy is three to four times that size.  The number of square miles this thing covers is over 10 time the size.  The area of damage can be immense.

The area of damage will be from Virginia, all the way up to me.  The winds for them will be from the West, and a lot of rain to go with that.  The center is visiting NJ.  Long Island is gonna get hit really badly.  Flooding and power outages. NY City will be seeing similar winds (maybe worse) than what the Cape will be getting.  They are worried about sea water getting into the subway tunnels.  That damage could take weeks to fix.

I used to work for one of the New England power companies.  I know what the damage will be and how hard it is to restore the system.  The largest problem I see is the tree damage and power outages.  In New Jersey/Penn the trees still have leaves on the trees.  Up here most of the leaves are on the ground.  The winds will cause much more tree damage in those areas.  With the size of this storm.  Virginia <-> Maine  The local power companies all rely on contract crews to help them restore power.  How soon any given area gets power back will depend on who gets the crews first.  I would not be surprised to see some area out of power for 10 days -> 2 weeks or more.

North and East of the storm it is a wind event.  Lots of trees down and power losses.  Flooding too, mostly west and south of where the storm comes shore.

Tsunami in the Pacific and this on the east coast…  Damn…

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