Looking Ahead – update #5

Friday I pulled out that Ravenger.  New in the box.  I pulled out the instruction and I am really glad to see that there are a lot of extra parts.  That will allow me to make both of them look complete.

I take my time with plastic.  Try to use a razor saw or sharp knife on all the sprew cutting.  That isn’t always possible.  Gluing and fitting takes some time.

By the end of Friday, I have the second one assembled like the first one.  Still needs a lot of little parts.  The side turrets are assembled and painted.  The hull and deck are painted too.  The Bow gunner and helmsman are assemble but not painted.  Not a bad day.  Sorry I forgot to grab a picture on Friday.

Over the weekend, I pulled out those Venator Slingers.  I keep thinking about using them and I want them painted before I put them on the table.

They are a cheap unit 4pt for 6 or 6pt for 10.  Range 10 pow 10 isn’t impressive, neither is the sword at P+S 8…  Add to that MAT/RAT of 5 and you might wonder why anyone would take them.

Now turn the card over and there is Acid bath, Arching Fire and Erosion.

Arcing fire means you can ignore models that are not with 1″ of the target.

The other two and pretty sweet.  Acid bath – a direct hit give continuous corrosion on everything in a 3″ AoE.  Erosion give an extra die of damage against non living models.

So vs single wound inf, this passes corrosion around.  For jacks/constructs/undead it is Pow10 with 3 dice damage ..  Average roll will put a point on armor 20 + continuous corrosion.

One of the nasty tricks …  Use a cruise missile to deliver the warhead.  Most Skorne single wound inf are Def 13 or less.  The slingers are Def 12.  I will run a paingiver beast handler into the middle the front lines of enemy models.  Let’s say the enemy is Def 14.  I need to roll a 9 to hit them.  10 chances out of the 36, less than 1 chance in 3…  pretty poor.  If I shoot the paingiver in the back.  I get +2 on a back attack so 5+2 trying to hit a 13 means I need a 6.  26 chance out of 36 better than 2/3.  It sounds like a good trade and I will prob get more of the enemy models by picking the location for the AoE.

A slayer is 13Def/17Arm, Crusader 10Def/Arm19, Juggernaut 10 Def/Arm20, Iron Clad 12Def/Arm 18..  I am sure everyone can see that a half dozen shots from a moving unit of slingers can cause a lot of problems for jacks or construct.

Bane Knights are Def12/Arm16… Mechani Thralls are 12/12…. Bye bye..

I did some shading on them, added the red to the armor, basecoated the skin, brown wash on the skin.  There are a lot of ropes and I tried skorne red, that was too bright, so I did them in Sanguine base.

I need to lighten up the skin shade, add some red and even out the cloth shading.  Then the weapons should be pretty easy, probably finish in one day.

  • Void Spirit – exchange (ordered)
  • Saxon Orrik – exchange (ordered)
  • Mage Hunter Assassin – exchange
  • Stryker2 – exchange (ordered)
  • Magnus the Traiter – (ordered)
  • Dark Eldar various – commission – 3 Reavers3 Venom, Ravenger 80%, Ravenger 60% … until I pick up some more…
  • Legion Garganutua – Charity (not going to show up early enough for me to do it)
  • Troll Cav & Dragoon – commission
  •  Three Blackfrost Shard – charity
  • Siege Animantarx
  • Siege Animantarx – 75% – mine
  • Two BFF for LH (best friend forever caster & jack/beast) with a write up
  • No Show 5 models unit commission
  • A Holilday swap (soon) – exchange
  • Finish Grace O’Malley
    1. Ten Press Gang
    2. Seven Sea Dogs
    3. Six Press Gang
    4. Seven Sea Dogs (Ruth’s doing them)
    5. Buccaneer
    6. Galleon – only dreaming
  • Work on Rolling – Venator Slingers 60%
  • Another project for me, after Grace O’Malley is one…….
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