Do you think this is by accident?

Yesterday PP insider was everything I love and hate about PP..  It is an interesting little article where Meg answers a few painting question.  Good stuff as usual thanks Meg.  Six photos and in five of them there sits a new model.

Not just any model, a Skorne model.  Sure looks like Cataphract.  This one show up in almost every photo.  It is on a cap with “SAT” on it..  There is a second one that show up in one photos and it is on a Black cap.

This one has the typical head and shoulders.  Not sure about the weapon.  On the right hip there is something with three circles on it.  All the photos show this backside and I can’t see the leg armor.

The second model is a side view, it also has a better shot of the first models left arm.  Is that a weapon?  It certainly looks like a reaver gun, but what would any self respecting cataphract be doing with a gun?  Why would the gun be in the left hand, all the Skorne are right handed..  Is this something new ?

The model on top is absolutely a cataphract.  The pose looks like a Cetrati leader.  The right are extended out in front.  The head is cut off in the photos, so I can’t tell if it has a helmet.   The left arm is bent like it would hold a shield.  Could this be the first shots of plastic Cataphract?

Skorne are the only Hordes faction without plastic 40mm bases.

This shot really shows something I can’t explain.  What is that gold circle on his right arm.  There is a shadow that looks like a spear/pike.  The black cap background really hides a lot of stuff.

Now to the point.  Does anyone believe that these model just happened to be in the background?  There are so many time that an insider gives us a little taste of something new.  Gargantua is coming, the Skorne forum are grumbling.  No preview, partial Gargantua and bingo..  Something in the insider.  Accident?  I don’t think so, just good marketing, making a buzz..

Yes, we are being teased again.  Is this something new or just some new plastic?  Only time will tell…

Till next time.

Just do it..

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