Project Rolling – Update #7 – A little is a lot

I have done a lot of things since last I posted about my Skorne.  Yes, I have talked about a Battle Engine, but mine is on the shelf as I take a break after finishing the one with pink on it.

In the last two months, I have done some commission stuff, a little more Grace O’Malley as well as a Turtle.

In my tool bag I always keep two or three things I need to work on.  So if I finish something or burn out, I can pull out something different.

Hexeris2 was almost done, so I pulled him out and did the touch up, a little shading and finished the base.

The left me with two casters unpainted.  Morghoul 2011 (the bird) and Mordikaar (Scorpius).

Do any or you get that reference?  I am a huge Farscape fan.  Mordi always reminded me of Scorpi…  Not much in the story to tie them together, but the face always made me think of him.

I paint the skorne in the same old way.  Gold first, then the red,  skin, metal then shading ….

I have not done a lot of stone in all my painting.  Scorpi has three lanterns, so I did three shades of Ironhull grey, then did the glow with some sulferous yellow, with a touch of Wyrm Green to shade the middle of lantern glow.

I really need to look at the theme list for Scorpi…  I know it is Karax/Swordsmen/Nihilators.  Void Spirits are fun with Scorpi too..  Prob not an overly competitive list, but that never stopped me…  I need to think about what beasts…  Ideas?

There is one problem with Scorpi..  I lost his sword.  I look and looked, nope.. So I ordered the part today. Anyone want to bet that I find it the next time I move something on my desk?

While I worked on Scorpi, I also did the Bird…  Do I need to explain why I call him that?  I didn’t think so ….  I think I have played the Bird (his original model) more than any other caster.  An agonizers, some beast handlers and a bunch of Titans is just too much fun.  I still remember my first MK2 game when the bird dance into a unit of infantry, sliced up everything within reach and dance back so the titans could charge…  So much fun.

It seems so strange to be able to say that all the Skorne casters are painted.  I should get a couple more Void Spirits to go with Scorpi…

Three units need painting and a ton of Beasts.  I will start working on one of those soon.

Lately, I have been looking at the mound of Menoth I have under my desk.  I read the FoW Monoth to get ideas.  Think of the casters.  What I have for models, what I would need to get and the painting involved.

No choice yet, but it keep calling my name.

I also have most of the models to do a gator army.  I started buying gators when they first came out.  It was so popular that I put them away.  There are not as many out there as I used to see, maybe it is time to paint some.

I think this is classic case of too many options.  I am sure some of you have similar problem.

What am I going to do.  Keep painting.

Just do it..

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