Grace O’Malley – update 18 – Not forgotten

It has been a couple of months.  So here is an update.

Fiona The Black – Done
* Buccaneer
* Freebooter – Done
* 2x Mariner – Done

Doc Killingsworth – done
Kell Bailoch – done
Ragman – done

  • 10 Croe’s Cutthroats – done
  • 10 Sea Dogs, 1 Sea Dog Riflemen, Mr. Walls, Quartermaster
  • 6 Sea Dogs, Sea Dog Riflemen – two done
  • 6 Sea Dogs, Sea Dog Riflemen
  • 10 Press Gangers – done
  • 6 Press Gangers

Since last I wrote about this, I got the missing Press Gang and the Buccaneers arm.  No more excuses.  Well, that turtle is a good excuse.

About a week ago, I pulled out ten Press Gang.  I tried to make them look a little dark.  Cultist Press Gang.  No prominent colors just a little dark.  There are three models that are not repeated.  The lass, pretty obvious which one that is.  The one guy with a lantern.  The happy guy with a large sack.  There are three of the one with a block and tackle.  Four of the guy with what looks like a chair leg.

 I painted his pants with Exile Blue stripes then it with Menoth White Highlight.  The blue showed, but it was kind of pail.  I just did a little more down the middle of the stripe, making it look faded and old.

The sack is made up of so many whites and browns. one over the other that I don’t think I could do it again…

I find it fun to do a unit that is all different.  I just grab a pot of paint, put some here, there where ever…

Shoes are black, manacles are steel.  The rest is whatever.  A lot of the pants are light grey, but not all the same.

 The lass was the last one I did.  The shading, face and skin tone bothered me.  I decided on a lighter skin tone on her.  Makeup and powder?  The guy with the lantern.  Isn’t a knit cap dark blue?  It has to be.  The coat, well Sanguine Base is as good a choice as any.  What is that in his pocket.  Looks like a badger to me.

What will I do with Press Gang.. First, keep them working together.  Gang makes them a MAT 7 and P+S 11.  Every little bit helps.  They Advance Deploy, so they are closer, better to run into melee than to fail a charge and get shot.  Shanghai gives you more Press Gang (or Sea Dogs), so Fiona might put Affliction on some Sea Dogs.  If you hit you get a point of damage on anything.  That makes it easier to box things.  Tough is better with Doc around.

As I look at them, maybe one or two of them need a tattoo…

One Buccaneer, 6 sea dogs & a rifleman, 6 press gang and 6 sea dogs & a rifleman (being done by Ruth).  Strange to say this..  It isn’t that much to do.  If I didn’t have to split my time, I think I could knock these out in less than two weeks.  But that’s not happening…

Till next time,

Just do it.

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