For Peggy – Update #4 – A Rant

As I sit here, one of the Siege Animantarax is done.  The other one needs some shading and a lot of detailing.

The first one is for a Breast Cancer Brawl.  I need to ship it.  The riders and the gun are pinned, but not glued down.  I made the tassels on the pikes and the facing marks on the base pink.  The rest of it is pretty much standard Skorne.

Last night I posted a photo in the local facebook group for the area with the BCB.  Some positive feedback.  Then I went to bed.

This morning, I got up and two hours after I posted the picture there was another post.

“That being said, the timing of these changes put us in a tough spot for Breast Cancer Brawl… BCB has always been (the local) premier event. I think it is important to all of us that BCB is something that we as a community and (LGS) as a host can be proud of. Given that, and the fact that it is less than 20 days away, we need to do something! After a long discussion we came to the decision that the smart play would be to postpone the event until the start of next year (a firm date to follow soon). This gives some time to reorganize and rebuild, and gets us past the holidays. We really hate to do that, but we also really want this event to be special. If you painted or donated something for BCB, have no fear, it will still go to good use! In fact, we are trying to make sure we bring out the maximum number of bodies to bring in the most dollars for your donation!”

The BCB has been postponed.  No date, sometime next year.  It sounds like there are some reasons.  Someone made a choice.  I can’t change that, but I don’t have to like it…

I am pretty angry about this.  I am not sure why.  Doing this for the BCB was a big motivator for me.  I am worried about shipping it.  I was looking forward to seeing pictures of the event and hearing about the results.  I guess it was me being part this event.

Now it feels like that is gone.  It is hard for me to look to far ahead.  Life isn’t easy right now and there isn’t a lot to look forward to….

One option is to send the cash and pay for the model and keep it myself.  That doesn’t feel quite right.  I could ship it out soon, but that doesn’t feel quite right either…

My head is throbbing.  I’m sure of two things.

  1. I’m not saying I’m not donating this.
  2. I am not shipping anything right now.

On the other side of the coin.  I am still painting.  More on Grace O’Malley and more commissions.  I need to take some picture and give you some a real update.

Till next time..

Just do it.

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1 Response to For Peggy – Update #4 – A Rant

  1. Lofty says:

    Such a shame once you’ve out so much effort in ad it looks so good!

    Hope you get thing sorted

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