How much Red? – For Peggy – update #3

Two weeks..  Sorry, I haven’t posted any updates..

Quite a bit of time.  I have been pretty busy with job search.  I’m not going to bother you with the details.

I am using a lot of Matte medium mix on this one.  50% Matte Medium and 50% flow mprover (that is 90% distilled water and 10% flow improver)..

The riders will be a little different from the Turtle.  They will be using a gold/red for the armor.  The turtle will be brass/red.  It is a choice I made back at the beginning and I am nervous about it as I move ahead.

I based all of the grunt armor with Rhulic Gold.  Washed with a brown ink wash.   Then I took Skorne Red and thinned it with MMM.  I used about 40% paint to 60% MMM.  The pot of paint is a couple of years old and pretty thick.  The cut it to a little thinker than milk. I used a brush with a good point to wick the red into the armor.  Leaving the gold around the edges.  Some of this I had to do twice to get good coat(the first coat left some gold showing under the red).  Be careful, if it is to thin, it will run all over the place.

Then I used Coal Black to do the cloth.  Later I will do some highlights on the cloth, but now it is just basecoated.  I used some Armor Wash.  Two parts armor wash, two parts MMM, 6 parts flow improver mix.  This gives a black wash that will fill the leg armor, hand armor and some of the waist and chest.  Again, use a second coat if it is to thin.

There are places that will need a little gold touchup too.  I have to do the skin and weapons too…

The turtles.  Since last time,  I worked on the legs.  To be honest, those have the most detail.  The skin, armor, ropes, claws..  make a great contrast to the bases.

This shot is with about half of the detail on the legs.

Once the legs got close to being done, I worked on the brass on the turtle.  Damn, there is a lot of brass.  Well, that was my thought till I worked on the Red…

I did a lot of thin coats of Brass Balls then made a Skorne red mix to fill in the large armor area.  Just like the grunts.  Again, this takes multiple coats.

Then I did a really thin P3 Brown ink wash on the Red <-> Brown junction.

I used the Skorne red to even out that dark edge.  Then I added some Khador red Highlight and brightened up the center of the large open areas of the armor.

The rough areas of the armor, got a Skorne Red glaze.  I cut the paint mix again with 2 parts flow mix and 1 part and put some on the rough areas.  I did a brown ink wash, then brushed just a little Brass Balls of that…

The ropes are Coal black with some highlights of Menoth White Highlights added to the Base color.  The pikemen area with the dark areas are more coal black with some highlights.

The steel on the legs, hammer on the tail,ladder, guns, pikes and such are Pig Iron, washed with thin armor wash.  Then brushed with Cold Steel.

This isn’t as smooth as an airbrush job.  I don’t have one.  There are three or four coats of red and some areas got six coats of brass.  There are some small ripples in the paint, but I hope that a dullcoat will help that.

His face need a little more, the tail need some work.  Little touchup on this one.  Then I do the grunts, put #1 turtle together.  Then I detail #2 turtle and finish assembling.

The end!!

Till next time,

Just do it…

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One Response to How much Red? – For Peggy – update #3

  1. Lofty says:

    Fantastic work! The beasts look really great

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