Tickling the Turtle – For Peggy – update #2

I cam close to forgetting to attach the Tassels..  Drill, pin, glue repeat.

The plan, which will probably change as I go along, is to basecoat armor.  Then everything below the armor.  The turtle, legs, ropes, tassels, tail.  Then the leg and tail armor will be my armor prototype.  The all the turtles armor.  Finally all the riders.

So I pulled out Bastion Grey and covered the turtle skin.

Next was a thin glaze of Umbral Umber.

This is when I had to stop and think about what was in the NQ article…  The recommended highlight is Cryx Bane Highlight.  That is about the same shade as the Bastion.  What I mean by shade is if you make a chart between pure white and black.  The middle is 50/50. Bastion Grey and Cryx Bane Highlight is pretty close together.  Time to change the plan.  I pulled out Thrall Flesh.  Lighter shade, a hint of green.  I started with 2 Bastion & 1 Trall.  Then 1 Bastion & 2 Thrall.  Finishing with just a touch of straight Thrall..

As I look at it today, I think I want some tan highlights.

Looking ahead.  The NQ recommends using Molten Bronze for most of the highlights.  To me that is way to red.  I look in the NQ and the pictures look really yellow.  So I am going to test with Brass Balls, maybe with a little Molten Bronze mixed in..  Definitely finishing the Brass Balls.

Till next time,

Just do it!

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