For Peggy – Update #1

One of these is a lot to assemble.  Two of them is crazy.

First I attached the rear tower to the rear post.  Large area, so I glued it without a pin.  It should be fine.  The back of this needs a little putty to smooth it out.  The part near the top of the ladder and the tassels had a gap.

The side armor glued on easily.  The inside needed some SQ green to make the floor smooth.  There was a verticle gap between the front of this piece and the gun tower.  I used some 2 part green stuff to fill that.

I spent quite a bit of time on the rear tower/body connection.  SQ Green, dry, smooth, trim, file.. do it all again.  Some of the gun tower body connections needed some work too.

Just to make sure I pinned the tail to the body and hammerheads to the tail.  Flat surfaces usually need a pin.

The head glued on easily, I am not attaching the head armor until the head is painted.  By standing him up on his hind legs, the head stayed in place while the glue dried.

The gun got a pin to hold it to the gun tower.  The gun shield glues to the bottom of the gun.  I think I came up with a good place to pin that too…  I put the pin behind the wedge.  The wedge slides in between the guns.

The commander (the one with a horn) took a pin in each shoulder.  The left hand has the horn and it is really solid with the pin and glued to his face.  The other arm has a nice wedge shape that goes into the shoulder (easy to position).  The right hand goes on the edge of the tower.

The gunner…  Grrrr…   Anytime you have to position two arm to a body things happen.  It is never easy to pin.  You are making two holes in the body and another two in the arms.  They have to be very close to perfect to match up.  His hands are holding the gun stalk.  Well, it was the end of the day.  I got them drilled, pinned and glued.  Then I put some putty on the elbows.  I went home for dinner.  Later, I look and them and realized that the arms got connected backwards…  So I carefully removed that arms..  As you can imagine, not very happy at this time.  Cleaned up the putty that smoothed out the connections.  Used the drill to make sure the holes are clean.  Put them together again and putty on the elbows again….  I also added a small pin where he connects to the gun and drilled a hole for that connection.  I think he looks better after the correction…  😉

The pikemen – I thought I could replace the shafts, but the butt spike and Head are to small to drill out.  I drilled out the arms and the hand/arm on the shaft and assembled them.

The riders will need to stay in place so I drilled out on foot, pinned it and glued them all to bottle corks.

I primed everything…  Brush on Gesso white..  Reason, price mostly.  One 8 oz bottle has done all my painting for the last two years.  I wonder how may spray cans I would have used?  I cut it 50% Gesso, 25% medium, 25 flow mix.  Two Skorne Battle Engines use a Metric F..k ton of primer….  It took me an hour and half to do this.  Considering the temp and humidity are high today, I probably couldn’t have used a spray can anyway.

I hope to take a lot of photos of this as I progress.  I will try to get some with every color I do.  Time will tell.  Speaking of time.

Till next time.

Just do it.

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