For Peggy

Ok, this is part of Project Rolling too…

Peggy is my Mother in-law.  A wonderful lady who is breast cancer survivor…

Dicewraith asked me to paint a Siege Animantrax for his Breast Cancer Brawl.  There is no way I could say no.

When I first opened the twins I found some parts problems.  I am very happy to say that PP got me replacement faster than I expected.  So, I can get started earlier than I expected.

Both of the twin Reavers had problems.  One had the incomplete casting on the cones.  Both of them had chips out the sides.

The right rear feet had incomplete casting on the claws and a tassel.  I told the Whiz owner and he found he had the same problem.  Check this leg.

One of the gun towers had some bad resin in one corner.  It was bent and soft.  I think it was improper mixing of the resin.  No picture of that.

I was also missing one of the pikes for the pikemen.

All I did was fill out this form.  A few days later I got the ones I needed.  Take the time to give them some photos.  It seems to help.

I found a few small places to clean up mold marks.  Not a lot, I must have spent less than an hour on the twins.

I made sure I tested the fit of every part before I did any assembling.  I don’t like gaps in models.  I pulled out some Blue/yellow -> green, two part green stuff.  Mix it up, roll it into a long thin string.

First I did the legs.  All the legs are different and none will fit into the wrong place.  Good to know, I could certainly screw it up otherwise.

The gun tower was next.  It has a very strange shape that fits well into the body.  There are three resin lumps that have to be trimmed, pretty obvious.  Strange that Skorne never got a how to assemble article on the PP web page.  I like to think other faction players need instructions, Skorne player don’t need any help.

I used this around the edge of the legs and the two towers.  Glue and some pressure.  Watch a little green stuff squeeze out of the gap.

The rear tower doesn’t have large area to glue it.  I drilled and glued one pin for support.

Tomorrow I will trim and sand it.

Not a huge amount of stuff done, but I finish the Descent plastic stuff today.  Tomorrow I will clearcoat them and get to work on the twins.

I have not attached the guns, top of the rear tower, side armor, tail  or head yet.  One thing at a time…

I will take the riders and pin their feet, paint them before attaching.

I am still debating about attaching the side armor and the rear tower top before I paint the body.  I plan on painting the head then gluing the armor to the head and painting that..

How it goes together and what needs to be done before those parts get attached.  It is a lesson I learned the hard way.

So tomorrow I should make some real progress.

Till next time,

Just do it..

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